Those are two REALLY big questions for a Sunday morning as I sit here with my coffee contemplating what’s ahead in the next few months.

Although I’m still on vacation for most of this week, I’m thinking about:

  • Upcoming August celebrations and events
  • Whether to launch an event in September
  • Our family trip to Colombia in November
  • Whether my daughter’s non-wedding wedding dress could be my mother’s wedding dress altered
  • What am I tolerating in my business
  • Where am I playing small in my business

All of these questions could have very different answers IF I let my thinking of the past dictate the answers to my future!

You see…. I’m nobody special. I’m not a guru. I’m just like you!

I could let my thinking that:

  • I’m not knowledgeable enough to launch an event in September.
  • I’ve never been to Colombia so it’s going to be stressful.
  • How could I possibly think my mother’s dress is something my daughter would even want.
  • I don’t deserve to be that successful in my business.

But all of those things…all of that thinking…is just mindset! And a limiting mindset at that!

Truth be told…I used to think exactly like that!

I used to think small.

I used to think I needed more education; I used to think I had to do what everyone else in my industry does; I used to think I didn’t deserve to be well-paid; I used to think I couldn’t charge high ticket…

Notice the words I wrote… “I used to think…”

Limiting beliefs and mindset are something that I’ve worked on for many years and continue to up level.

Mindset isn’t a one-and-done!  It’s a journey!

And up levelling our beliefs is something that all successful business owners do continuously.

That’s why I hope you enjoy this week’s episode #98 of the Work Less PROFIT More podcast with special guest Alfonso Cuadra (here)!  Although raised in poverty by a single mother, Alfonso is now a sought-after real estate investing guru and millionaire – he is proof that your past doesn’t determine your future!


P.S. Are you playing big enough in your business? That question will be the focus of my upcoming September Retreat here in the Thousand Islands with castles and champagne! Want more information – send me an email with Castles in the subject line!!

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