Hope you’re enjoying summer – as you’re reading this, I’m on vacation!!! Nothing special, just a few road trips and fun with my grandson.

But I wanted to share something I’ve been talking about during my current 30-day video challenge! Yes – I challenged myself to do a video every day for 30 days. I’ve been pretty good – only missing the occasional Saturday. 

The purpose of the challenge was three-fold:

  1. You’re 53 times more likely to get featured on the first page of Google if you include video (according to research by Filmora). You have to be visible in order to Get Chosen! Video content is super important.
  2. If I can do it – anyone can! I’m not special. You are an expert. You have tons of knowledge that is valuable to others. Share it!!
  3. My personal challenge was to see if I could deliver VALUE in less than 5 minutes (because I’m a talker!). Most of my videos during this challenge have been 5 minutes or less except for Tuesday’s Tip (check them out on Youtube and subscribe).

Here are the 11 critical rules to becoming the Undeniable Authority with more impact, income & influence:

1.  Self-identity (your beliefs about yourself, money, willingness to grow, etc). This element is so important that I’ll be hosting a women’s retreat in September on this topic – email me for details!).

2.  Specialize (niching down not only permits you to charge more but increases your production and efficiencies).

3.  Simplify your marketing (The Magic Rule of 1).

4.  Strategize (plan 3 years; 1 year; 90 days using your values, mission and vision).

5.  Study your metrics (what you measure grows).

6.  Systematize everything (depending on your stage of business growth, systematizing will look different).

7.  Substance (creating bold, original content using your Flagship Framework).

8.  Stay in your zone of genius (do more of what you’re great at).

9.  Skills (consistently uplevel your skills).

10.  Sensational customer experience (your customers can Google information but providing them with a sensational experience will keep them coming back for more).

11.  Savour success (celebrate your wins and learn from everything!).

How many of these rules do you follow or incorporate?

Want help applying these rules to your business?

Then it’s time to register for DIFFERENTIATE TO GROW (here – coaches, consultants) or DIFFERENTIATE – WG (here – real estate investors). We start in late August and space is limited in each cohort! Register TODAY to save your spot.



P.S. BTW – They are the same rules that have moved my clients from 6-figures to 7-figures!

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