Have you ever tried to sell something on Facebook Marketplace?

It’s really difficult to explain the value of your widget – and so you often get people trying to get discounts; and others who are just tire kickers.

If you’ve gone through a process of selling your widget or your home, I bet you’ve realized that not everyone thinks that your precious widget is as precious as you think it is! Not everyone values your widget the same as you do!

That’s because, we often become emotionally attached to our widgets, and our businesses … just like our children.

We birthed them. We nurtured them. We think they are the best.

Just ask your friends… their kids are the best, aren’t they?

But if their kids are the best and your kids are the best – which ones are really the best?

I know you might think that there is NO COMPARISON between your business and your children but it’s the emotion that’s attached to them that is similar.

As we grow our businesses, we often become emotionally attached!

However, there comes a time when we are finished with our businesses and we are ready to exit them. This is when emotion doesn’t equate to selling value.

The only thing that matters to a prospective buyer about your business is that you’ve built it like an asset!

The only thing that matters is that your business doesn’t require your daily input for either decision making or delivery; that your business has value that can be measured – quantified.

So how can you maximize the value of your business?

That’s the topic of this week’s Work Less PROFIT More business podcast (listen here)! My returning guest Wendy Brookhouse, known as the Ultimate Wealth Amplifier, shares some extremely smart tips on maximizing the value of your business.

I’ll also share with you why these tips are so important for you NOW in your business!


P.S. I’m not reading much this week as I’m preparing to speak at the biggest Canadian Real Estate Investing Conference, Wealth Genius EXPAND Conference.

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