The facts speak for themselves, many entrepreneurs suffer from burnout:

  • 75% of entrepreneurs suffer from occasional or frequent burnout (Gallup)
  • 1 in 3 live in depression
  • 30% of entrepreneurs admit being burnt out
  • 54% Canadian business women suffer from depression

And then when you combine this with the fact that apparently only 43% take vacations, you begin to understand that small business owners often:

  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Suffer from high stress due to lack of cash flow
  • Are in poor health
  • Have failed or failing relationships
  • And are generally unhappy with their job (in fact many are ready to ditch ownership and look for a J.O.B.)

As I was reading these statistics, I chuckled…

Although burnout is no laughing matter I found that it was rather paradoxical that as entrepreneurs, as the founder our business, we have the unique opportunity to design our own job. As a small business owner, you have total autonomy of how you build your business… you can build your business with intention so that you don’t suffer burnout and stress. 

So how can you work less and still earn a darn good profit?

Of course, you know that that’s what I discuss weekly on the Work Less PROFIT More business podcast and this week’s episode is no different. Episode 124 is very condensed version of a presentation that I gave a few weeks ago to a local business women’s group (listen here).

I love talking with women business owners because I understand how they have even more responsibilities on their shoulders. I’ve been the owner of a retail store while caring for a chronically ill daughter, having a husband who travelled for a corporate job, a teenage son and a dying parent – all at the same time. When I look back at those couple of years, I realize that I just did the best I could at the time! I understand how many business women feel the stress!

Since that period in my life, I’ve learned 1 or 2 things about doing less! So I shared with these business women my favorite top ways to decrease their workloads. That’s the essence of Episode 124!

Hope you enjoy it as much as they did!


Some statistics come from:

WorkLessPROFITMore podcast: Time our most precious asset
Coming up: A new series on branding!

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