Last week, I started a new podcast series entitled Love your brand… after all, February is the ‘love’ month!

In the first episode, I shared that a remarkable brand is really your REPUTATION … it’s how people think about you when you aren’t in the room.

However, is your brand doing its job?

A remarkable brand, one that stands out from the digital noise, is meant to do 3 things:

  • Attract loyal customers
  • Grow your position in the market
  • Make more sales!

Is your brand doing this for you? Does your reputation help you make more sales and get more loyal customers? If not, perhaps it’s time to make some improvements.

As Rory Varden says….if you think you don’t have enough revenue, it’s probably that you don’t have a great reputation (reputation before revenue).

In this week’s episode of Work Less PROFIT More business podcast, I share two poignant questions you need to be asking yourself as you build or tweak your brand – you won’t want to miss these (here).

As someone recently said – Brand or be bland!


BE IN THE KNOW: As you’re reading this, I’m enjoying the sun & sand. I’m super grateful for my team who supports me to keep my business going while I unplug and rejuvenate.

WorkLessPROFITMore podcast:  This week, the 2nd episode of Love Your Brand series goes live… Your brand can help you go from unknown to THE undeniable authority.

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