When I was a child, Easter meant getting dressed up in our ‘Easter Best’ – and if you were a little girl, that meant wearing a new Easter hat. Hats were all the rage in the 50’s; every smartly dressed woman and man wore them – it seemed there were hats for all kinds of occasions.  But today, hats have lost their popularity.

There aren’t too many people I know that wear hats today – except those who are Chief Everything Officers. But those ‘hats’ aren’t really hats at all, they simply represent a role that you might be taking on. Ask yourself, do you find yourself one minute playing one role and the next minute racing into another role?

Do you find yourself changing roles during the day…. One minute you’re a _________ and the next minute something else!

  • Receptionist
  • Bookkeeper
  • IT specialist
  • Marketing
  • Sales

If that’s the case, then unfortunately you aren’t running your business – your business is running you … and you’re feeling stretched thin!

It’s so easy for business owners to find themselves working IN the day to day admin and operations of running the business rather than feeling in control of their business growth.

Now while it’s true that when you started your business, you had to wear all the hats but you’ve graduated! You’ve had some success and if you want your business to grow and scale, you have to separate yourself from the tactical activities (doing) and focus more on strategic growth activities!

That is easier said than done! I totally understand but one exercise that helps clarify current and future roles is to draw two different organizational charts – a current organization chart and one of the future.

Draw your  current organizational chart, with typical roles that your business might have such as:

  • CEO
  • Financial Officer
  • Marketing Officer
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • And multiple other roles: receptionist, it specialist, etc.

Next assign a name to each role. You’ll probably find that YOU are the one taking on those roles. While that’s okay initially, it won’t work to grow your business. This is called wearing multiple hats – and you can’t continue this long term unless you want to burn out.

The 3rd part of the exercise is to draw your future organizational chart, let’s say 3 years from today. Now assign names to each role – do you want to be ‘doing’ those roles three years from today? Probably not!!

I know that when I was wearing all the hats in my retail business, it was a scary thought to think about how I might stop wearing all the hats; how I might get out of the day to day running of my business and rely on a team.

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