If it’s Sunday morning, you’ll most probably find me sitting in my chair, in front of the fireplace, with my second cup of coffee.

I’ve probably read a couple of chapters in my current mystery novel.

But now it’s time to think, then create…it’s time to write to you!

Yes, almost every Sunday morning I write out the first draft of my weekly email, but before I do that, I do the one thing that saves my sanity.

I take 3-5 minutes and hold my weekly CEO meeting with myself.

I quickly look at my calendar for the coming week and assess my week’s direction (you can download my weekly checklist here).  As I said, because I do this so regularly, it only takes me a few minutes!!

And then I review the podcast episode going live on Tuesday (since it was previously recorded).

And then I think about how I need to show up for the week and for you!

And then, only then, do I start to write to you!

In my estimation, there are two takeaways from this ritual/habit:

1. When we are consistent with habits, we bring mastery, which means we get better and better; quicker and quicker. That’s why writing my blog only takes me a short time. That’s why my CEO meetings with myself can be short and effective.

2. From preparation comes success — having a CEO meeting with yourself weekly will help you shift from being reactive to what’s happening in your business to being proactive (a key shift when you want to move from being Chief Everything Officer to a true CEO – be proactive).

Keeping your sanity while running your business is key to finding your freedom!

In this week’s Work Less PROFIT More episode I chat with a former client who went from burnt out to finding balance! Burnout is a common result of business owners losing touch with themselves and their business; it’s a result of their business running them! I don’t want that for you!

Listen, share and subscribe here to the last interview in the series Women of Means! I am so blessed to have been able to share these women’s stories with you.


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