This morning I read a social media post that STOPPED me in my tracks! According to this post, it was illegal for women in the USA to open a bank account in their own name until… 1974!

While it seems that although many women did have bank accounts and owned property – there was a law that could have been enforced. Hard to believe, I know.

The women’s movement has come so very far. I remember at university in the ’70s (yes, I’m that old), we studied Gloria Steinem’s social activism and bra-burning ceremonies! Today, it’s not only women’s rights that have changed but how women perceive themselves.

I grew up with the cultural belief that women could do it all – we could have a corporate career, wholesome family life, and a strong personality….. this is actually called the ‘wonder woman’ syndrome’… we can do it all and have it all.

Perhaps you can see where this is going. As women, we often put pressure on ourselves to be that courageous, bold and kickass wonder woman but to the detriment of our well-being! Research shows that being a wonder woman often leads to stress and burnout!

During the month of March, I celebrated women. Women business owners who tried being wonder women discovered their breaking point and then made significant changes to find their own ‘balance’.

So this week on the Work Less PROFIT More business podcast, I interview another super savvy businesswoman who has gone from burnout to balance! Her story and her tips are not only inspiring but I know you’ll find them motivating. Listen here!

What will you do this week to put yourself first? Do you have a morning ritual or routine that you’d like to share? Or something else that helps you be courageous, strong and kickass while at the same time, saving time for yourself?


P.S. April 8th I will launch a new podcast series with an amazing workbook to help you Get out of the Weeds & Scale Sustainably!

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