I’m sitting in front of my fireplace on a rainy Saturday afternoon with a glass of champagne having just finished reading a mystery novel (why not – it’s a cold rainy March afternoon) writing this letter to you.

While this is supposed to be a blog I thought I’d let you in on some significant changes that are happening with me.

The last few months have been a whirlwind…. After the birth of my delightful grandson last February, the non-wedding wedding of my daughter and my sister’s retirement – life is good.  More recently my sister announced that she and her husband want to move from Nova Scotia to Ontario to be near our family…this has been something we have discussed for at least 10 years.

And business has offered some new opportunities and collaborations that aren’t quite finalized but when they are, I promise to share them with you.

And in this process, I’ve realized a couple of things I want to share with you.

One – we are putting the final details on the purchase of what will be a family farm where my sister, her husband, myself and my hubby will live together. Our vision is that this will be the gathering spot for family in the coming years. The aha moment here for me was that when you focus on a dream, you have the ability to make it come true – whether this is in your life or your business!

Second – while taking some time for deep thought around stories to incorporate into my business as well as upcoming speaking events, I uncovered the true purpose of my business. Like many of us when we first started our businesses, our purpose might be to make a few thousand dollars to add to the family finances. But after we accomplish that goal, we find ourselves asking what’s next and diving into a bigger purpose.

With my business, the ‘second level’ purpose was helping coaches and consultants to make a fair market salary from their business, thus putting an end to entrepreneurial poverty. However, more recently, I find that I am focusing not on the money but the lifestyle i.e. ending entrepreneurial hustle and burnout.

This came to light during some quiet times on a beach in Cuba when I started to write about my WHY.

What surprised me was that there’s a story in it about my own transformational journey.  And while it’s a story I’ve often told, I didn’t truly understand its significance until recently.

Sorry to say, today I’m not going to tell you the story here in this blog!

You’ll have to listen to the latest episode of Work Less PROFIT More business podcast for the story and a new twist (here)!

The story is the start – the true origins of The Ultimate Business Freedom accelerator, the Quarterly Freedom Planning events, and the essence of the Work Less PROFIT More podcast.

I invite you to listen, share and subscribe!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support!


P.S. There’s still time to join me for the March 18th Quarterly Freedom Planning event where we will review your 2024 goals and create quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily ACTION steps so you know exactly what to focus on without getting distracted by bright shiny objects, and without hustle or burn out!

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