My mastermind buddies and I were talking about work-life balance this past week. Just to put things into perspective, the 3 of us probably have 120 years of business experience between us and we have mostly finished raising our families! So, if you’re a newbie to business or a newbie to raising a family, this post probably won’t resonate with you!

Work-life balance? What is that exactly? Can you actually have it? Here are my thoughts…

First…work-life balance is what YOU make it! It all comes down to choice(s). You get to CHOOSE how you want to grow your business and live your life. While we may be strongly influenced by others, ultimately, it is up to you how you want to live.

Last year, I worked with a client who felt compelled to work long hard hours because she felt the overwhelming need to provide financially for her family. And yet when we discussed her financial situation, she really didn’t know how much money her family needed to live their current lifestyle. Her decision to work long hard hours wasn’t based on facts.

Do you know exactly how much money you need to live month by month? Or are you basing your decisions on ‘feelings’? Decisions based on facts are easier to make.

Secondly, depending on your stage of business growth (and perhaps the stage of growth of your family), you will probably prioritize one over the other…for a short time.  And then it may swing back the other way.

I know this has been true for me. There was a time in my life when my daughter was ill and when my retail store was growing and I felt an enormous amount of guilt when I spent more time on one over the other!

In hindsight, I realized I was just doing the best I could with what I had at the time.  In fact, that’s all that we can do! Don’t feel guilty – be proud of how far you have come.

Thirdly, remember that the time you spend on your business (or with your family) is more about quality than it is about quantity. It’s about focusing on the right activities instead of trying to do a hundred activities.

Doing less isn’t a bad thing!

So work-life balance … it’s about the choices you make.

  • What does it look like for you now?
  • What do your weeks look like?
  • Are you scheduling specific time to work ON & IN your business?
  • Are you scheduling specific time for family/friends?
  • Are you setting specific boundaries?
  • Do you want to change the way you’re living or working?

You can make changes!

That’s why in this week’s episode of Work Less PROFIT More business podcast, I’ll share with you a simple 4-step way that you can Take Back Your Life!  It’s all about what you want and the choices you make along the way. Good luck!

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Remember – life before business!


PS – Here’s what clients said after Monday’s Quarterly Business Planning Day

  • Significantly reduced my overwhelm since I now realized I don’t have to do it all in the next 90 days
  • Scheduled more time off – weekly and monthly
  • Clarity of the exact actions to focus on for the next 90 days to drive client growth and subsequently revenue
  • Collaboration between participants
    • I know exactly which Facebook groups where you can get clients
    • I can share a checklist for you on that subject
    • I can connect you with someone who can help you
    • Here’s a software that can help you
  • Collective brain dumping
    • I have an idea for that
    • What if you did ….?

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