Money is often considered a ‘dirty’ word!  In fact, it seems we would often rather talk about death, sex or taxes before we talk about money!!!  Don’t despair if you don’t like talking about money — you aren’t alone (that’s one reason why I’m holding #PROSPER Ottawa).  

In an effort to help you learn to love money (and that includes talking about it), I’ve put together a list of ways you might be repelling money or avoiding it.  As you read it, ask yourself if you might be doing something similar.   Awareness is so powerful.

1.   Your ‘to-do’ list is ‘reactive’ instead of proactive   What this means is that you are letting your business happen instead of planning it.  You spend more time reacting to your email inbox or social media, than you do making your business happen.  If this is you, then put on your CEO shoes (hat) — plan out your day, week, year and make _hit happen in your business!  I recently read about the rule of 20x — if you need to make ONE phone call; make 20; if you should be sending one email, send 20!  

2. You’d rather send an email than pick up the phone!   I get it — you’re thinking that picking up the phone is pushy and salesy!  STOP right there — there’s only 2 letters difference (SALE, HELP).  Sales isn’t about being like the slimy used car salesman.  It’s about helping people who need you the most; it’s about throwing them a lifeline because they are sinking.  If sales conversations are a struggle, learn about Achiever’s Club where we help you with sales conversations scripts and templates!

3.  BIG ONE …. You are asking your clients to invest in you however you haven’t invested in yourself!  Are your clients saying to you … they don’t have enough money to work with you? or they don’t have the time to invest right now?  Could it be that those are the same reasons you use?  Could it be that you’re sending a signal to the universe that you aren’t quite fully committed to your business yet?  If this could be you, then find the $$$ you need to invest in yourself.  Go out and sell something; borrow it; make more $$$.  Your level of commitment is equal to the size of your bank account!

4.  You are constantly looking for that ONE thing that will skyrocket your business!   Believe me … there is no magic business pill.  Building a profitable business isn’t about using the latest marketing strategy or newest social media platform.  It’s about learning the timeless fundamentals about your marketing, your message and your mindset and then proceeding down the Road to Prosperity.  It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes more than the wave of a magic wand.  It takes Guts (courage); it takes Persistence; and it takes Self-belief.  So ask yourself — do you have the fundamentals so clear, so compelling, so concise that prospects are driving up to your door?  If not — it’s time to work on the fundamentals in the Achiever’s Club or upcoming workshops

5.   You’re making excuses as to why you are struggling!   Remember — you are responsible for your business.  You are responsible for the changes that need to happen; for the growth that’s required.  It has nothing to do with the economy, or the city you live in; or the weather; or the competition.  Just ask yourself — Are you willing to do whatever it takes?  I believe in you.  I believe that you can & you will build a profitable business!

6.  Learning isn’t the key — IMPLEMENTATION is!   I love teaching.  In fact, it seems I’ve been teaching since I was a kid and I would sit my brother & sister down and play teacher.  Then I taught horseback riding for 20+ years.  Now I’m teaching entrepreneurs.  But the thing I’ve learned …. is that students need to implement the teachings in order for them to succeed.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s as a riding coach or a business coach …. implementation is up to you!  I’m here to support you!

7.   Marketing drives prospects to your door but SALES turns them your client!   I know that it’s often true that you didn’t start your business because you wanted to learn about marketing & sales.  However the truth is, no matter what type of business you have, you are in the business of marketing & sales!  My job is to help you learn to love it so that you’ll do it consistently with a clear & compelling message!  I’m here to support you so that you can learn these new skills; so that you attract more clients; share more with the world; have a bigger impact; and make more $$$$.

So I hope that these 7 have helped you become aware of one or more areas where you might be repelling money.  Or perhaps you’re avoiding it; perhaps you feel you don’t deserve it; perhaps you just spend it or perhaps you feel that money is meant to be saved!  I encourage you to learn more — join me at #PROSPEROttawa  and let’s have an awesome day of fun, networking & learning!  



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