Last week, I talked about the importance of narrowing your niche and positioning yourself as the EXPERT.   I also gave you a few hints on how you could narrow your niche!

Remember, you don’t just wake up one morning and POOF you’re positioned as an expert and the calls come flooding in …. It takes hard work, commitment, consistency and time!

Here’s several actionable strategies to position yourself as the expert:

1.         DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND or in other words, make the decision that you’re going to be the _________ EXPERT; start stating it every time you speak!  It may take some time to get comfortable with the decision but when you start telling people, and you get a positive reaction, then you’ll start believing it yourself!!!  (You can be anything you want in life!!)

2.         LEARN TO SPEAK THEIR LINGUO.  As an expert, whether it’s the sector, service, or stage, learn your client’s language, terminology, culture!  What words do they use to describe their problem; their emotions?  (Great book to read: LINGUO by Jeffrey Shaw)

3.         PACK YOUR MARKETING WITH PROOF.  Testimonials and case studies are social proof that you get amazing results with your clients.  Your prospects want to see that you’ve got results with other people just like them!

4.         LEARN INDUSTRY SPECIFIC LANGUAGE. If you’re a dentist, you’re going to learn everything you can about dentistry including key issues, pain points, perhaps technology or apps for that industry so you can add so much more value.  It pays to be perceived as knowledgeable.  If you’re an interior designer, you’re going to have to stay current with latest trends, etc.  Become a master at your craft.

5.         CREATE SPECIFIC CONTENT that positions you as the EXPERT with the latest research, latest issues. Are you producing ebooks, videos, tools, blog posts, videos, etc. that demonstrate your EXPERT status?  You should be – and you must be consistent in your outreach (marketing).

6.         BE SEEN or go where they go!  When was the last time you attended a conference, exhibitions, online forums, or social media groups where your ideal client was hanging out.  This fall, I attended a conference for bookkeepers and accountants because I had several clients in that field and I wanted to be sure I understood their problems!  Time well spent.

7.         HOST YOUR OWN  webinars, seminars, workshops, or speak on stage.  Not only do events such as this position you automatically as the expert, but it is a great way to leverage your time!!

There!  Seven strategies to help you position yourself as an EXPERT!!  What are you an expert at? Fill in the blank __________________.

Over the years, I’ve found that it’s really difficult to be objective, to look at ourselves and figure out our own expertise.  I remember working with my coach, and she told me that I was the expert and that I should be doing live coaching on stage at my SHIFT events – I almost had a fit!  I couldn’t see myself doing it!  But she had the vision & the confidence in me!  I tried it out and it turns out to be one of the most liked portions of my live events!

If you’d like help figuring out your EXPERT status, then let’s chat!  My ‘magic’, my Effortless Talent, is helping you figure out yours!!!

Book your Growth Strategy Session here ( !  There’s a short questionnaire but that’s just to save us time on the call!  During our time together, I’ll help you identify the roadblocks that might be standing in your way and the #1 strategy you can do to Shift your business into Rich!!!

Till next week … BE UNSTOPPABLE


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