As I’m preparing to host a mini-version of SHIFT-the marketing event in Kingston (June 7), I was asking myself: why haven’t I done more mini-versions?  Why haven’t I done more live events?

Truth is that live events for me have CONSISTENTLY filled my coaching programs and helped me raise my rates!

You see there are tremendous advantages to hosting bigger workshops; big events or retreats including:

  • When you’re on stage (or at the front of the room), this builds credibility & authority
  • Live events aren’t so much about sharing information (you could do that in an online course) but live events allow that deeper personal connection with your prospects and allow for transformaiton
  • Live events have a MUCH bigger conversion rate that online courses

That’s what I want for you … consistently more clients; consistently raising your rates … so you can have a predictably profitable business!

Perhaps you’re thinking, but …

  • Diana, I couldn’t possibly host a live event
  • I can’t speak like you can
  • It takes too much time to host an event
  • ____________________(fill in the blank).

Believe me, I said those exact words 5 years ago!!!  I couldn’t speak in public without holding a piece of paper with my notes (and the paper shook); I’d never hosted anything more than a workshop with 4 people in a tiny boardroom.  Who was I too think that I could host a live event with 100+ women entrepreneurs?  (but truthfully, who was I NOT TO DO it?)

I’ll be honest… the whole idea scared the sh*t out of me ….. and that’s how I knew it was the right thing to do!

I started planning – I picked a date.  I announced it to the world.  And the momentum started.

Now it wasn’t all roses and unicorns!!!  But I’ve learned what not to do; when to do things; and how to run a financially successful epic live event even before I sold a ticket!!!

So my question is…. If live events could fill your coaching programs, could bring you more clients, develop a deep know-like-trust factor with your prospects…. Why aren’t you doing them?

Live events, self-produced events or as I like to call them EPIC LIVE EVENTS could be your ticket to the success you’ve been dreaming of.

But it all starts with having a signature talk or as I like to call it a ‘talk that converts’.  No – actually let’s back up.  It actually starts by knowing what I call your Expert Advantage (why clients hire you and how you communicate this); from that you develop a signature program; and then a talk that converts. 

You see …. There is a sequence… a proper sequence to ensure that it works.  You want a talk that converts clients into your signature program.  You don’t want a talk that just gets you compliments (that’s nice but it doesn’t pay the bills).

So if you already know your Expert Advantage; and have a Signature Program, you’re perfectly placed to start creating a Talk that Converts which can be 2 minutes or expanded to 2 days!!!

If this is something you’re ready for; if you want to fill your coaching programs by getting out there in a bigger way, then my upcoming 9 week virtual program – Craft Your Talk that Converts – is perfect for you!!  It’s part of my collaboration with Carl Richards in our Speak with Confidence & Grow Rich program.

Are you ready?  Then HIT REPLY and say YES.  Then I’ll send you some information so you can create your own Epic Live Events that fill your coaching programs!


Till then … BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!


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