If you’re anything like me, you had Big PLANS for 2019 – it was going to be your Best Year Yet!

Perhaps it was December or January, you got out a 2019 calendar; reviewed the previous year; and set some goals.  You created a plan for your marketing.  You created a plan for the amazing projects you were going to roll out.

That was 6 months ago!  YIKES!!

Suddenly, it’s June!!!  Where did 6 months go?

It’s time for a reality check!!!

So my friends, where you are according to that plan that you put together in January?

That’s where the 4-letter word comes in!  The word is P-L-A-N.

It’s time to reserve a day and spend it planning out your next 6 months; and creating your 90 day plan!!!

It’s time to look at those goals; measure your milestones and figure out what has worked and what hasn’t worked.  How you can either tweak, delete or double down.  It’s time to take a serious look at your numbers – or as I like to call them Sexy Stats.

I’ve reserved June 26 to spend the day with a group of dedicated entrepreneurs who want to put on their CEO hat for the day so that they can think like a CEO;  meet/beat their goals & their targets; and who would like some support.

We’ll spend the day on zoom with plenty of breaks to step outside for fresh air!  Want more information — register now  (click here)— CEO PLANNING RETREAT

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to finish 2019 with a bang — having reached or surpassed those goals that you set for yourself earlier this year?

And if you didn’t set any goals — it’s not too late to do it NOW!!!

I can’t wait to support you in turning your BIG DREAMS into reality!!

Till then … BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!


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