Summer’s here – well at least by the dates on the calendar so I wanted to share with you how I made a HUGE mistake one of the first summer’s during my coaching business.

You see, in my previous business (retail), summer was our BIG season. There was actually very little time to breathe!!! And as a family, it was difficult to take time off during the summer and so vacations were really short.

Once I started my coaching business, I looked forward to spending more time boating with my family – but I guess I went overboard just a little – well more than just a little!

You see, I thought that everyone would slow down their service based businesses during the summer.

So I thought – I’ll slow down my marketing over the summer – meaning, I’ll stop networking; I’ll really limit my social media; and I’ll stop blogging!

Well, if you’ve known me for a while, you know that I teach …. Consistent action equals consistent results.  When you don’t take consistent action, you get inconsistent results….. meaning if you stop marketing, you’ll stop getting clients.

So that eventful summer, I did enjoy time with my family.  BUT I had a BIG shock once I started marketing & attending networking events again in the fall.   You see my competitors got new clients over the summer …. Clients that I could have had if I had kept up my marketing.  Clients I could have had if I had been marketing consistently.  Clients I could have had if I had a plan to keep my marketing going over the summer!

What I learned …. It’s easy to slip into the mindset that it’s summer and no one’s doing business at this time of year, so I’ll just stop marketing!  But that’s so wrong!

I don’t want this to happen to you.  That’s why I’m hosting CEO Planning Retreat next week……. (more info here)

Summer is the PERFECT time to re-evaluate what’s working, what’s not and to create a 90-day plan to keep the momentum going in your business.

Unfortunately for me during that eventful fall, because I really slowed down my marketing, I lost not only clients but I lost momentum and traction.

Keep up your momentum!  Achieve your 2019 goals with ease!

Till then … BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!


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