Here’s a question that helped me shift my thinking about how I would grow my business….

Instead of asking …. WHAT needs to get done?

Ask – WHO can do what needs to be done?

See the difference? We don’t have to do everything! Should I say that again… we don’t have to do everything!!!

It’s time to rethink things!

Delegation is actually one of the best things you can do for your customers because it allows you to:

☑️ Focus on the creative, big picture work that solves your customers problems
☑️ Be fully present, helpful and engaged every time you interact with your customers
☑️ Provide a high quality customer experience in every way
☑️ Create more insightful content to reach new audiences with your message!

Delegation isn’t the problem – it’s the solution. What would happen in your business if you could delegate even more of your workload to a trusted team member?

Imagine relaxing because you know someone is taking care of customer service issues. Think of what it would be like to forget your email inbox because you know your team member has everything under control. It can change your business!

Here’s a little experiment…. Take a few minutes and give it a whirl…

1. In a separate document make a list of the tasks you would love to delegate to someone. The things you are tired of doing or the tasks that you dread.

2. Then, next to each item put the amount of time getting this task off your list will save you every week. If you don’t know, give it your best guess.

3. Bonus points if you multiply the total number by 4 to get the amount of time you’d save every single month.

4. Now ask yourself….
What would you do with that extra time?

➡️ Work on a new project you’ve been putting aside?
➡️ Launch a new offering you didn’t feel you had the bandwidth for?
➡️ Make Friday ‘work is optional’ day?
➡️ Spend more time with family & friends who’ve been complaining about your love affair with your laptop?

So I’m curious…. What tasks do you dread, and can you figure out a way to delegate it by asking WHO instead of what?

Look forward to seeing you soon!


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