This is the cherry on top (so to speak) – the  last episode in the series on delegation and  an interview with my Virtual Assistant (VA) Stephanie!

If you’re anything like I was a few short years ago, you desperately want to grow your business but it seems that you have an endless To-Do List and you wonder how will you ever get more clients & make more money!  Sound familiar.

It’s called the Entrepreneur’s Trap – it’s easy to get trapped by all the day-to-day workings in our business rather than focusing on those activities that actually GROW our businesses.

Four years ago, a good friend of mine who wanted to grow his one-man operation procrastinated about hiring an assistant.  He knew that the only way for his business to process more administrative tasks would be to hire someone to do it.  That would leave him free to focus on sales – the thing that he was really awesome at doing.  Eventually, he did hire an assistant.  Today as he looks at his business that has more than tripled, he acknowledges that it was a difficult decision to hire but it was the ONLY one that would allow for the business growth he wanted.

Building a team is scary but it is your ONLY path to growth.

Being the last in this series on delegation, I wanted to share with you an interview with my own Virtual Assistant (VA).  Stephanie will share some great ideas on

  • What to do before hiring a VA
  • What a VA might be able to accomplish for you
  • How VA’s price
  • Where to find a VA

I trust that this series has helped you look at your business differently so that you are more comfortable with the concept of delegation.

Who will be your first team member?  A bookkeeper; a VA; a housecleaner or all 3???  I’d love to hear!

Look forward to seeing you soon!



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