It’s a crazy topsy-turvy world out there!  Over the last week, we’ve seen the world and business turn upside down.  And while we’ve never experienced anything quite like this, I feel reassured that yes … everything will be alright!  Every day the sun rises after it sets; and every year, spring follows winter.

My own experience with this new season of social distancing has shown me how supportive community can be AND that we do have control over many things!

To have control – we must take action.  Here are 4 things you now have time for and ONE THING NOT TO STOP.

It’s a perfect time and opportunity to:

  1. Stay grounded; breathe! Only when we let go of fear can we really be our best and have the clarity we need to move forward.
  2. Serve those who need you!  For many of you, your clients, friends, family, prospects need you more than ever.  For others, you may have to pivot your business to stay relevant and to serve.
  3. Learn.  Because we have more time available (less driving, less of many things), we have more time to master a skill that we were missing in our business!  Time to work ON our businesses!
  4. Focus on business essentials that we might have been putting aside. Perhaps it’s time to create those SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures); your corporate Vision; create a lead magnet; build your email list or just get clear on your dream client.

It’s a perfect opportunity for so many things!!

BUT there is one thing you must NOT stop! 

Here’s what I mean you might remember, as a child,  playing on a merry-go-round.  You had so much fun!  But the merry-go-round was difficult to get going. You know what I mean, it takes a lot of effort to push the merry-go-round to get it going but once it starts turning, it seems as though just a slight push will keep it going.

Well the same is true of marketing your business.  Now is the time NOT to stop marketing your business.  Just like the merry-go-round, you’ve got to keep the momentum going!  You’ve got to stay top of mind with your past clients, your current clients and potential prospects.  In fact, for many of you, they need you more than ever now!!

I know that for some of you MARKETING is a scary word.  Some of you don’t know where to start.  Some of you feel so overwhelmed by the whole idea of marketing that it puts fear in your heart, and you want to run in the other direction.

For others, you feel discouraged because you put so much effort into your marketing, yet you aren’t seeing the results.  Perhaps you aren’t getting the volume of customers you want OR you aren’t getting the right kinds of customers.  It means the same thing – it means that your marketing isn’t making you money!

And if you’re anything like some of my clients that means you’re losing confidence!

So, let’s change all of that!  You can gain control over your marketing!  You can become a confident marketer of your business!

First — it is possible to learn marketing – step by step!  It is possible to master a new skill that will transform your business.  With a little support, you can become a marketing ninja!

Are you ready to get more clients and confidence?

Are you ready to put some of the fear aside?

Are you ready to take positive action to dial in your marketing?

Second, while you are home these next few weeks, it is the perfect opportunity to tweak your marketing so that you get more leads, more sales and …. more confidence!!!

To help you accomplish this – to support you even further, I’ll be launching a new MARKETING MAKEOVER INTENSIVE – a virtual online group program to help you tweak your marketing, pivot your marketing language or even take a deep dive into the world of marketing!!!

In this intensive, I’ll walk you through my CONFIDENT MARKETING ROADMAP, a proven, step-by-step blueprint that has helped hundreds of CEOs, consultants and coaches shift from invisible expert to the go-to-expert in their industry!

Imagine how fabulous it would feel to:

  • Hone your marketing skills (become a marketing Rockstar).
  • Easily start confident conversations with your prospects and referral partners that make them curious about what you do (that means they are actually listening to you).
  • Breeze into networking events fully prepared & confident to explain your expertise.
  • Organize and implement your content and programs with intention and purpose.
  • Have more ‘perfect-fit’ clients knocking on your virtual door.
  • And have referrals reaching out to you regularly.


Keep watch as Wednesday, I’ll announce the launch of MARKETING INTENSIVE MAKEOVER at a ridiculously low investment so that everyone can participate!

I won’t be holding back – you’ll get all my good stuff to become a marketing Rockstar!!

Remember – You’ve got this!!!  Don’t stop!


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