My hubby & I have snow tires on our vehicles – so every spring hubby takes the car to the garage to have the tires changed and to have a tire alignment.  WHY?  Because when the tires aren’t balanced properly or aligned, they wobble, cause an uneven ride and wear out prematurely.

So, are you in ‘selling alignment’?  Are you aligned with YOUR selling strategy?  Or are you wobbly during a sales conversation?  Do sales conversations take a tremendous amount of effort?  They don’t have to!

Let me explain what I mean.  I love speaking live to groups, small and large.  I shine when I speak; people get me when I speak; people get inspired and motivated when I speak!  That’s my ‘content style’.

But it’s also my ‘selling style’!

Let’s go deeper.  The term Content Personality was coined by M. Shannon Hernandez and please feel free to take her Content Personality quiz.  After I heard about her idea – it just made so much sense to me and I’ve been teaching an adapted version to all my clients since!

For instance, my friend Carl is a radio broadcaster.  His content style is audio – therefore podcasting makes sense for him.  It also makes sense for him to be selling via audio – i.e. phone, Facebook Messenger voice messages, etc.

My client Katherine is a writer.  She writes articles for business owners to increase their visibility.  Her content style would be written – direct mail, email, etc.  The best way for her to get great selling conversions would be for her to stick with her content-selling style!

I’m guessing you’re getting the idea.

But here’s the second part of selling – I call it invitation selling.  Selling by inviting your prospects to take a journey with you — as opposed to pressuring them into a sale.

This past week, I’ve been hosting a free webinar series about Marketing in the New Economy.  During our most recent session, I demonstrated invitation selling by INVITING them to take the next step with me into a new intensive program entitled Marketing Roadmap Intensive.

I want to give you the same option to join me for a one month intensive marketing virtual course so you can pivot your business while you have the time; and so you can become the marketing Rockstar that you’ve always dreamt of being.

YUP it is possible for you to learn not only marketing skills, but the systems, structure and substance you need for marketing yourself and your business so that once the economy starts to rebound – you’ll be out there way ahead of your competition!

I don’t want to bore you with all the details of the program – you can read about it here but I do want to share some of the highlights:

  • This program is ONLY for those who want to up-level their marketing and do the work NOW (not 2-3 weeks from now but this coming month).
  • It’s going to be intensive – twice a week – because you need to get this sh*t done and focus!!!
  • It’s going to be so inexpensive (I’ve even offered a 3-month payment plan).

If you’re like many of my clients who tell me that they have felt discouraged about marketing; frustrated or overwhelmed that you aren’t getting the results or if you just don’t have a marketing strategy – then this is the BEST time to become a marketing rock star and to show up brilliantly!

I invite you to join MARKETING ROADMAP INTENSIVE here!



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