Take a moment – remember what life looked like on March 1st, 2020.

Everything is different today!!

Schools are closed.
Businesses are closed.
Churches are closed.
Stores are closed.
Live networking is no more.
Live events are no more.

Social distancing for many means a total change in lifestyle!

Uncertainty and fear are common.

I trust that you and your family are safe.  That you are following health guidelines; and that if you can’t get out, you’ve found solutions.

Or perhaps you’re in a situation to help others?

We’ve all had to learn to adapt.  We are learning to adapt to how to educate our children from home; how to get groceries online; how to attend virtual church services; how to attend virtual networking & events.

So how is your business adapting to this new economy?

This new market place, filled with fear & uncertainty, is causing businesses to pivot!

To pivot their messaging.
To pivot their marketing.
To pivot their offers.
Even – to pivot their whole business model.

I want to bring you hope.  I want to fill your heart with optimism!

Your business can (and should) do more than survive – it can THRIVE in this new economy.

Here’s what you can do:

1. TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION: adjust your messaging to meet the needs of your clients TODAY

  • parents need help with kids at home.
  • business owners need help de-stressing.
  • businesses need help finding revenue.

2. KEEP IN TOUCH with your clients, past clients & prospects

  • they want re-assurance from you.
  • they want to know what you’re doing to stay open.
  • they want to know what changes you’ve made.

3. SIMPLIFY / PIVOT YOUR OFFERS to meet the ‘today’ demands of your clients

  • craft one really amazing offer to be the SOLUTION in the market place.
  • price your offer for profit but also position it as a great deal.

4. START PLANNING for the rebound (because it will come)

  • marketing plan..
  • business plan.
  • recession plan.
  • messaging plan

5. IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW to do the above – get some help.

I’m here for you –  I promise!

Book a BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH SESSION – it’s free – book it today here:  https://dianalidstone.com/apply/

I want you and your business to do more than survive.  I want you to Thrive!



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