Clients ask me every week – so Diana, how do you have time to create ALL the content that I see you put out there?  You do FB lives, videos, speaking, emails, blog posts and even webinars?

Well – those secrets are what I’m going to share with you here!

First – let’s establish WHY content is an important part of your marketing roadmap! 

Content is part of the four cornerstones of your marketing strategy (or the 4-S’s – skill, systems, structure and substance).

Substance (or content) is important for 3 reasons:

  1. it gives your clients that know-like-trust factor so that they feel confident trusting you; so that they purchase from you.
  2. positions you as THE authority – it gives you credibility; again, so that they purchase from you!
  3. keeps your brand top-of-mind as the solution they need for their problem (if you aren’t visible, you’re forgotten).


  1. Start with the end in mind by that I mean what is the goal of your marketing strategy:
    • is it to sell your program?
    • is it to grow your email list?

Being random in your approach takes up a lot of time and mental energy!

  1. Talk to a real person

You’ve all heard about how you should create marketing content for your ideal client – that one person you want to work with.  I recently heard an interview with Fred Penner, Canadian children’s entertainer & host of his own 13-year television program.  Someone asked him how he managed to create relevant content and interaction with his audience for so many years.  He said – it was easy.  He just spoke directly to the toddler sitting at home on the floor.  Just that one individual!

  1. Just pick ONE. Entertainers and Olympians alike learn to master one instrument and one sport.  They spend thousands of hours training with one instrument and one sport.

So why do we think that as business owners, we should be a master at SEVERAL different marketing platforms.

Choose ONE platform or medium to deliver from and master it!

  1. REUSE, REDUCE, RECYLE. If you are spending vast amounts of time creating volumes of content, chances are it’s not great content. Instead, create one great piece of content regularly (i.e. weekly) and then pull nuggets from it for social media, etc.

You might event decide to create 12 monthly themes for your content and match those themes with your offers.  Then create content that aligns with your theme and your offer.

  1. MEASURE YOUR EFFORTS. Do you know which of your emails, blogs, podcasts, social media posts, etc. get the most engagement or views? This feedback is extremely important to measure so you can double down on the good stuff in the long run.

So, which one of these five ways will you use FIRST so you can simplify your content and free up more time for yourself?

Here’s one action you can do today!   Send an email to your current clients, past clients and prospects explaining how you can help them in these times!  Just be honest and true to yourself.  Write as if you were talking to them over a cup of coffee at your kitchen table.



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