About a month ago I was working with a private client (Jill) who owns a small business with several employees.  She was STUCK.  Every time she seemed to get back on track, something else got in her way.  She just couldn’t seem to get ahead of her pile of work or make enough money to pay for an additional employee – nevermind set aside time for marketing.

It seemed as though she was on a hamster wheel – just going around and around.

Her problem……

Her mindset …. Her thoughts and belief system around money

After a deep dive conversation, I finally recognized her hamster wheel problem because that was me a few years ago.  Subconsciously I believed:

  • Money didn’t grow on trees.
  • You had to work really really hard to earn a good living.
  • Money was the cause of poor relationships.

Like me, Jill was living ‘Ground Hog Day’ – living the same scenario over and over again because subconsciously she was continually thinking negative thoughts around money and life.  During our work together, we uncovered that Jill had experienced a ‘money trauma’ when she was around two-years-old that shaped her perception around money.

Jill isn’t the only client I’ve had with money issues.  In fact, if we are honest with ourselves, most of us have issues around money that come from our childhood (and it’s not our fault; it’s not our parents’ fault – it just is).

So, you might ask…. How did I work through my own money issues?  I worked with a mindset mentor to shift my beliefs – notice I used the word – WORK!  Now, I’m not perfect but I do recognize my negative thoughts and actions when they come to the surface.

Many of you have heard me say – new level, new devil!  What that means is that each time we reach a new level in our businesses (a new level of prosperity), the devils (negative thoughts) rise up again for us to deal with!!!  So, working through these negative feelings is a continual journey of personal development.

Jill and I are currently working together to SHIFT her current mindset in my 6-week Abundance Mindset program. Until Jill gets off the hamster wheel, we can’t address anything else in her business.  This CEO has to put on her own oxygen mask before she can help her business!

So, my dear friends – has Covid brought up money scarcity issues for you?

Do you feel as though you are on a money hamster wheel?

Does it feel as though no matter what you do in your business, you aren’t getting ahead?

Then I suggest you join me for my Abundance Mindset program!  This 6-week program will not only kick you off the hamster wheel, but will give you the tools you’ll need as you continue to move your business forward when you hit new levels in your business!

This isn’t a program I’m going to sell to the public.  It’s only for you – my audience!

WHY – because I know what it feels like to be so frustrated that nothing is working!  And I know how it feels to have to admit that it’s something like my own thoughts that are keeping me from growing – I felt guilty and ashamed.  In fact, I resisted it for a long time saying things like – I don’t have a money issue!  I don’t have an abundance issue.

But I also know what it’s like to feel the relief of letting go of those subconscious thoughts that were driving my actions.


Just send me an email (diana@dianalidstone.com) and say YES – I want in to the Abundance Mindset program.

Say YES to shifting what’s been truly holding you back.

Say YES and smile!




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P.S. If you’re considering joining me for private coaching – the month of May is perfect! During the month of May, I will gift the Abundance Mindset to new private coaching clients (the gift that keeps on giving)!




  1. If you’re considering joining me for private coaching – the month of May is perfect! During the month of May, I will gift the Abundance Mindset to new private coaching clients (the gift that keeps on giving)!

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