Fishing is a sport that my son LOVES – he lives to fish!  He has loved being outdoors on the water from a young age when a family friend would get him up early and take him fishing while we were camping.

Today he has boxes of fishing lures, many different fishing rods and knows when and where to fish for MANY different types of fish!

So what does this have to do with you and getting clients!  It’s actually very similar.

Like my son who has a passion for fishing; I know you have a passion for helping your clients!

Like my son who has many different types of lures and rods, you have many different ‘tools’ in your coaching/consulting toolbox whether it be EFT tapping; specific certifications; NLP; content specific knowledge, etc.

Like my son who knows that each different type of fish will be found in different locations and will require different ‘bait’ – you too have specific types of clients that you’re likely to ‘hook’ and each different type of client requires different marketing language, different offers (bait).

Now, my son doesn’t always catch a fish.  And you probably don’t catch as many clients as you would like!


1. No one knows who you are

Getting visibility for your business probably has been something that you’ve been concerned about since the first day you opened your business!

First, we have to acknowledge the MYTH – if you build it, they will come.  Simply opening an FB group, creating a course or putting up a website doesn’t mean that people will actually find you. Apparently there are at least 140,000 new websites launched every single day – it’s going to take a lot of work to break through the noise.

You have to become VISIBLE …. You have to attract them to your website by getting in front of new audiences with interviews, guest blogging; public speaking, paid advertising; hosting events.

So what activities will you commit to each month to actively grow your audience?  (BTW – did you know that every entrepreneur has a particular content style – part of your Entrepreneurial DNA – which will make this easier for you?)

2. They don’t understand what you can do for them!

Have you ever shopped for an appliance …. Let’s say a blender?

You walk into a store and you see one for $39; another for $99; and another for $499.

Now that’s a big range of prices. And most of these blenders pretty much all do the same thing.

So if you’re anything like me, you start reading all the features of the blenders. You notice that the big difference is the power of the motor.

But here’s the thing – UNLESS you know what that bigger, better motor is actually going to DO for you, you’ll likely default into price shopping and go with the less expensive option.

That’s why a company of the $499 blender spends a lot of time educating on what that bigger, better motor can do for you. That’s why we see them giving online demonstrations. You also see them in various stores. You soon learn that this blender blends green smoothies from frozen kale & fruit effortlessly and there are no leafy chunks in your smoothie. You also learn that the $499 blender is the same blender used in every smoothie shop in the country and has an amazing 7-year warranty!

Suddenly – armed with this information – you see the VALUE in having this $499 blender. You imagine yourself having amazing smoothies every single morning.  You’d be the best possible version of yourself. You’d be investing in your health.

That’s the difference between leading with benefits and results instead of features!

You have to show the VALUE of what you offer!

Another example of this was a few years ago I had a very sore neck and shoulder.  I knew that what I needed was a massage and was looking for someone who would give me a program so I would be pain-free.

Instead, I was offered a package that provided a discounted hourly rate when you pre-paid for 5 or 10 sessions. There was no education on the benefits of continuing the massage, how often I should get a massage or how it could speed up the healing.

At the same time, I booked an appointment with a local physiotherapist. She assessed my pain and possible causes of my sore neck and shoulder. She created a full treatment plan in 3 phases: phase one to get me out of immediate pain; phase two to start healing; and phase three into preventative care. Throughout the conversation, I was educated on the benefits of each phase and why it was important to have all 3 phases.  I left the appointment with a commitment to a $1200 treatment plan with appointments booked for the next month.

See the difference?  I understood the VALUE.

Hint – if during a sales conversation, you’re getting the objection, it’s too expensive – I’ll bet that your prospect isn’t seeing the VALUE of what you’re offering!.

When you read the description of your products, programs or services – are you clearly highlighting the benefits and results over the features?

3. Lack of Consistency

The majority of prospects don’t become clients when they first become aware of you – in fact, it’s almost 70% that do not!

Our customers actually travel a ‘customer journey’ that builds the know-like and trust factor until they are ready to purchase.

They start the journey when we ‘captivate’ their attention through speaking, a lead magnet or an FB live.  Then we must ‘cultivate’ or nurture that relationship through blog posts, social media or an FB group. Eventually we have a sales conversation and ‘convert’ them into clients.

If we aren’t CONSISTENT with our marketing through all of these phases – they no longer remember who we are and what we can do for them. Even if we have been VISIBLE. Even if we demonstrate our VALUE. We must show up consistently and through all the phases of our marketing.

So what activities are you doing to CONSISTENTLY show up for your dream client?

QUESTION – which of these 3 reasons is getting in your way?

  1. Does your dream client know that you are out there?
  2. Do they understand what you can do for them?
  3. Are you consistently showing up?

In my FREE upcoming Marketing Workshop Week, you are going to get help with all three of those problems!!!

You’ll discover ….

  • how to educate your prospect so that they understand the features & value of your OFFER – you’ll get to map out the exact words!
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Praise for the workshop

Linda – “…. I learned two things I’ve never done before which will have a huge impact on my business: 1. how to position myself with my mini-bio – this exercise really stretched me; and 2. Which delivery content style would make my marketing easier for me….. and it was fun and implementable!”

Carol – “before this workshop my marketing was … well… rather hit or miss.  By the end of this hands-on, get-it-done workshop, I had a new revenue-generating offer and I knew how to sell it.  I recommend Diana’s workshop for those who want IMMEDIATE results from a workshop.”


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