Unfortunately, you and I see a sh*t load of marketing advice online and most of it is a bunch of cr*p.

If I was still trying just half of the stuff out there, I’d be broke, frustrated and still nowhere in my business. 

Truth is, I remember doing the marketing hustle – trying one tactic after another.  Trying one magic bullet; hoping and praying that I would get more clients and most of the time …. Crickets – nothing.

If that sounds like something you’ve tried (or you’ve been there and done that), I totally understand.

The problem is that there are over 7.6 million tech-based tools that tell you they will help you build sales funnels that will sell your programs. NOPE – Lie.

When I googled it, there are over 9.6 million courses and programs that tell you to run ads and post every day on every platform and that will sell your program.  NOPE – Lie

There are also almost 24 million people who have done all of the above and still aren’t seeing the results that they want.  NOW THAT’S TRUE!

So what’s a girl like me or you supposed to do?

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. TRUTH – strategy comes before tactic – no ONE tactic is the answer; you first need a strategy!

2. TRUTH – marketing and selling are closely linked – you need one with the other! When marketing is done right; selling becomes simpler!

3. TRUTH – more marketing isn’t the answer to getting more clients (or making more money). If your message doesn’t resonate with your dream client, no amount of marketing is going to work!

4. TRUTH – You need 3 things to get traction in your business (I call them the Marketing Trifecta TM ). They are:

    1. build a business & a brand around your Entrepreneurial DNA
    2. focus on activities in your ‘stage’ of business growth
    3. have a rinse & repeat marketing roadmap!

5. TRUTH – confidence isn’t a magic pill that you can swallow. Confidence comes from making mistakes, taking imperfect action and having the support to learn from the mistake and then take another step in the right direction.

6. TRUTH – a good marketing strategy should follow the 5-Ss:

  • SMALL – small changes in the right direction are must better than one big pivot
  • SIMPLE – uncomplicated, clear, not confusing
  • STRATEGIC – there’s a plan to it; 90-day plan
  • SUSTAINABLE – you must be able to keep doing it easily
  • SHIFT – it’s going to cause you to ‘shift’ your perspective and it’s going to cause a ‘shift’ for your dream client

That’s a lot of ranting!  Please accept my apology.  What frustrates and saddens me is to see so many coaches & consultants struggling to earn $5k or $10k or more a month when I know it’s possible!

That’s why I created MARKETING WORKSHOP WEEK.  A free – yup free – one hour a day workshop.

No fancy tech.

No frustrating funnels.

Just simple, strategic SHIFTS that you can implement immediately so you can be paid what you deserve.

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Here’s what one participant said – Miria Baliddawa

“Diana’s Marketing Workshop Week really helped me get clarity around my offer so that I could serve my clients better.  It connected the dots for me between what resonates with me, what my client needs and how to bring it all together. “

Learn how to set yourself apart from your competition when you participate in MARKETING WORKSHOP WEEK – a free 5-day workshop beginning at the end of August. REGISTER now.

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