My client Joanne had a huge win this week!  She went to a virtual networking meeting and during the breakout session, 3 of 5 people asked for a meeting with her!  Woohoo – virtual confetti!

However, it wasn’t always that way for Joanne; nor is it that way for 3 out of 4 business owners!!!

They attend networking events and NEVER get a meeting or asked for their business card after they introduce themselves!

Sadly, that means that they are losing clients and sales.
Sadly, that means they are missing opportunities.
Sadly, that means their marketing isn’t working for them!

I remember feeling just like that several years ago. I was so frustrated attending networking meetings one after the other; week after week; and hearing …… crickets.  That’s right – no one asked for my business card or to have a meeting with me!

I knew I had to do something about it, or I won’t be in business very long.  So, I committed to learning as much as I could about introducing myself in such a way that the RIGHT people would ask for a meeting with me.

There are five basic components of an introduction that gets meetings:

1. WHO – you MUST mention who you work within such a way that these people self-identify with what you are saying. I.e.  Coaches, stay-at-home moms, professional women; tradespeople; etc.  This is important because as this person is listening – they know immediately if they should be paying more attention to what you are saying – it’s targeted to them!

Who do you work with? ______________________________________

2. WHAT – your introduction must include the type of problem that these people experience i.e. coaches who struggle with marketing; stay-at-home moms struggling with homeschooling; tradespeople who have a shoebox full of receipts. The truth is that our brains search out problems.

What problem do you solve? __________________________________

3. RESEARCH – Not everyone likes statistics, but they do get people’s attention! Doing your own research through conversations can help you narrow down the ‘super-niche’ that you serve. In my case, ¾ of business owners never get a meeting from their elevator pitch comes from having conversations with my prospects!

What statistics could you discover? _____________________________

4. RESULTS – People pay to have a problem fixed and they have some idea of the results or desired outcomes they want. How would you like to get 3 meetings after saying your introduction to 5 people?

RESULTS that you provide ____________________________________

5. Call to Action (CTA) – People who are listening to your introduction also must know how to best connect with you OR what the next steps are that they need to take to ask you for a meeting. A CTA could be connected by email, phone, website, etc.

BONUS Reminder that your introduction MUST be short, and memorable!  People remember simple and clear so using simple language is always best.

Does your introduction contain these five elements?

How do you put this all together?  Try this template: 

3 out of 4 professional moms were not well equipped to home school their children during COVID. (statistic and problem) 

I teach them how to make learning fun and keep both their families & schools happy with their kids’ learning. (results)

If you’d like to know more, send me an email at ________________ (CTA)

Once you have the 5 basic elements, you can switch the ‘sound bites’ around in any order!  Here’s another template:

You know how kids had to be homeschooled during COVID? (problem).  I discovered that 7 out of 10 professional moms struggled with this additional responsibility (stat), so I now teach these moms how to make homeschooling fun all the while keeping both the families and schools happy!  (results)

Call me at __________ if you’d like to know more.

As you begin diving into these 5 key elements to rock your elevator pitch/ introduction, you may find that it’s not as easy as you think!  In fact, it’s darn hard to do by yourself!

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