There’s ONE word that stands out, amongst all, that is a killer when it comes to marketing!

It’s the one word that so many people use too frequently in their introductions (elevator pitches).

It’s the one word that is used far too often in website copy.

Can you guess what it is?


It’s the word “I”

It’s hard to imagine that something as simple as a one-letter word can be so detrimental to your marketing and be costing you clients!

But it’s true – here’s why.

When we use the word “I” in our marketing – we are talking about ourselves.  The whole point of view; the whole perspective is about us!  And not about our client.

We’ve all been at cocktail parties where someone talks about themselves the whole night!  They appear boring and self-centered; as though they don’t care about anyone else!

It’s the same in our marketing.  If we talk about us… using the word “I” … then it seems as though everything is about us. (Hint – it shouldn’t be about us – it should be about our client).


So let’s change that!

Review your website …. How many times have you used the word ‘I”?  Look at those sentences and change the perspective so that it’s about your dream client.  For inspiration, check out

Review your other marketing.  Look at your blogs.  Are you using the word ‘I” when you could have changed the sentence perspective?

Here’s a hint – the best word to use in marketing – YOU!!

You can bet that during the writing of this blog, I was extremely careful about the use of that one-letter killer word.

How many times was it used?

How many times did I rewrite the sentence to change the perspective?  Several!!

Remember – YOU CAN DO THIS!


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