This week I have some gifts to offer you!  Some are free; some are not!!!

But my promise is that each and every one of them will help you grow your business and create that freedom & flexibility in your life you’ve always wanted!

Let’s start with the FREE gifts – every single one will help you grow your biz!

1. Free tickets to EMERGE 2020 hosted by my mentors Jayne & Steve Lowell along with special guest Brian Tracy. I only have a few of these left and it’s first come; first serve.  Here’s the link for more information

(PS If you want to upgrade to a paid ticket – here’s another link.

2. Free CHECKLIST – When you’re marketing there are a minimum of 2 things you need 1. Clear marketing message and 2. A great product/program or service to sell.  With so many people shifting to online, here’s a checklist to help you understand whether your program with actually SELL. Click here for the How to tell if your program will be wildly successful Checklist.

3. Free – Growth Strategy Session with me! In 20 minutes, I’ll help you discover 3 roadblocks that are keeping you from getting all the clients (and cash) you want; and the #1 thing you need to move your business forward! Book your call here.

4. Free – Got a marketing question you want answered RIGHT NOW. Book a free 15-minute Marketing Hotline Fix Session.  In 15 minutes, I’ll answer ONE marketing challenge and give you some insight how to ‘fix’ it!  Book it here.

Well – that’s a lot of free stuff!!!

Now for the paid … why is this a gift?  Well, it’s the gift that keeps on giving… giving you more clients and more cash.

Here’s what a recent client said …. “Once I changed my language when creating my videos, they went viral.  Before Diana’s program, they averaged around a 1000 view but once I changed my language the video got 20K views in day one; and 40K the next.  Also, so many more hits on my website!  I can’t wait to see what happens next”  (Jamie Straker, JStraker Fitness).

Marketing Roadmap Intensive is the gift that keeps on giving you clients – month after month!

There’s a new cohort starting October 15 – and it’s meant for you!!!

This program is meant for you if …

  • you attend networking events & conferences and rarely book meetings or get referrals
  • you are constantly jumping from one marketing tactic to another WITHOUT gaining clients or cash
  • you don’t have the number of sales calls you want on your calendar for next week
  • your email list (you have one don’t you?) isn’t growing fast enough
  • you have trouble explaining what you do
  • you are constantly creating new programs because you feel the last program didn’t sell well enough so you MUST need something new
  • you’re a service-based business owner who truly wants freedom and flexibility in your life.

JOIN NOW – Every month you delay – it’s costing you potential clients! (Truth bomb!)

So which gifts will you take advantage of???

Remember if you want a FREE Ticket to EMERGE2020 – hit reply and say yes NOW.

If you want a free Growth Strategy Session, book it here.

If you want to gain clients month after month, then join Marketing Roadmap Intensive here.



Remember sharing is caring!!! Who do you know that could use one of these gifts?  Please share with them!  Thanks!

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