Do you feel that your marketing isn’t working?

With all the time you spend on Facebook, Instagram, writing blogs, doing Lives, going to networking or speaking …. And you still aren’t getting the clients (or the cash flow) you want.

I hear it all the time.  “Diana, I’m working really hard on my marketing, but the results just aren’t there!  What do I do?”

I get it.  It’s so dammmmm frustrating to be doing all this hard work; the work that the gurus say to do; and the results still aren’t showing up in your bank account.

So let’s change that … Here are the TOP 3 reasons coaches and consultants struggle to make their marketing work for them and how you can fix them!


MISTAKE #1 – Lack of clarity

If you’re getting your message out there and it’s not getting the response you want – then it’s probably because your message isn’t clear.

It’s not clear in the listener’s mind:

  • what you do
  • who you do it for and
  • how it benefits their life/business

There are usually 2 reasons for this:

1. The curse of expertise which means that you as the expert are using your expert language to explain what you do and it just doesn’t resonate with your listener.

Example:   A current client in my Marketing Roadmap Intensive program was explaining that she was a fitness instructor offering pre and post-partum classes.  Her videos on TicTok were getting about 1000 views.  When she changed her language to say, “Are you worried about peeing in your pants?” – her video views went viral – day 1 at 20,000; day 2 at 40,000 and day 3 60,000.  Sixty thousand views and hundreds and hundreds of new followers because she spoke to Moms using the exact words that they were thinking in their head!!!  You can do this too!!

2. Trying to be cute or clever is another reason that marketing messages are often unclear or confusing. Cute and clever = confusing.  Try to use the language that your dream client would use!

HOW TO FIX unclear messaging: Clients in my Marketing Roadmap Intensive program (MRI) understand that they have to dig deep to understand the problem that their dream client wants solved.  Then they have to use the dream client’s exact words in their messaging.

Example: Instead of saying “class management’ change to “unruly children’ – teachers and parents know exactly what the 2nd description means!

MISTAKE #2 – Lack of consistency

Let’s be honest with ourselves here.  How consistent are you with your marketing?  How often do you write your blog or share your podcast?  How often are you visible on social media?

Or do you just show up when you are pitching and selling?

Consistency breeds trust.  Your prospects need to trust you BEFORE they purchase from you.  So being visible and valuable consistently will improve your chances of making your marketing work for you.

HOW TO FIX lack of consistency:  Create a content calendar and stick to it!!!  Decide how often you are going to post on social media; what day and time your blog will be published; when you’ll do Facebook lives – then stick to it!!!

If you haven’t been consistent in the past, set small goals to make improvements.  If you don’t post regularly on social media – try doing it 3 times a week.  If you haven’t written a blog in 2 years, start by writing one a month!  Small steps with big rewards!!!


MISTAKE #3 – Your marketing doesn’t fit you

You see your feed in Facebook talk about how Pinterest is the up & coming tool for business owners (yup – it’s true).  So, you rush to Pinterest and try to emulate what that guru is teaching.  But …. that doesn’t work.

So, you jump over to TikTok and try those videos – crickets again.

You try writing a blog and sharing that – nope!

Well then, the magic marketing bullet must be _______________ (fill in the blank).

Here’s the truth!!!  Stop trying to emulate someone else’s marketing!  It doesn’t work and here’s why…

1. Everyone has a particular ‘Entrepreneurial DNA’ which includes a particular style of content creation that suits them best. If you aren’t using yours, marketing feels difficult.  Most people I know would like their marketing to be easier and more joyful.

2. Everyone’s business is at a different stage of growth. There are different types of marketing that work best at different stages of business growth.  For instance, it’s much quicker and easier for a relatively new business to get clients from networking than it is from speaking.

Why?   Because to be successful at networking, most coaches and consultants only need:

  • Branded strategy session
  • Elevator pitch
  • Compelling core offer

However, speaking requires those PLUS:

  • A signature talk that converts

HOW TO FIX marketing that doesn’t fit you. 

1. Get clear on your stage of business growth and focus on activities in the GPS Business Growth checklist (get your copy here)

2. Get clear on your Entrepreneurial DNA and stay in your ‘lane’ so that marketing is easier and more joyful!  (Discover your DNA)

So, there it is …. Marketing that works for you!

Is your message clear? (ask your prospects)

Is your marketing consistent? (create a calendar & stick to it)

Does your marketing fit you?

My job … to turn you into a Marketing Superstar so that your marketing brings you the clients and the cash that you deserve!


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