The past couple of weeks, I’ve been focusing a lot of my time on working ON my business instead of in it….

I’m cooking up a new membership group …. Unstoppable Momentum Biz Club – for driven entrepreneurs who want guidance on how to implement (launching late 2020 or early 2021).

I’m prepping for my sponsorship at EMERGE2020 …. How do I make the most of a 2-minute presentation and drive the right type of clients to book time with me?

And getting ready to re-launch my popular, free, Marketing Workshop Week (coming again November 2).

When you do this kind of work …. You really get focused on the BEST parts of your business …. Those parts of your business that drive revenue!

So, I promised to share 3 deceptively simple secrets that will help you get better marketing because


In my 35 years of being a business owner and coaching CEOs, coaches and consultants across North America I see too many business owners doing bad marketing that’s costing them clients.

I see a phenomenon that I call Marketing Proficiency Effect (MPE). MPE isn’t about marketing knowledge; it’s about the impact that the efficiency & effectiveness of marketing have on the business’ growth and success.

There are 3 undesirable effects and only ONE desirable effect of the Marketing Proficiency Effect.

1. NIL effect is when an organization is doing no marketing so the effect is NIL – there are very few clients or revenue coming into the business. Often, these businesses actively avoid marketing.

2. ROLLERCOASTER effect is when a business is doing marketing eractically and revenue is also very up and down. Often marketing consists of jumping from one marketing tactic to another.

3. FLATLINE effect is when a business has either suspended marketing or is doing marketing that may be stale or outdated. The effect is that growth has stalled; revenue has flatlined.

Perhaps some of you identify with one or more of these effects?  I remember circling between all three for a number of years until I figured out the 3 secrets I’ll share below.

In speaking with hundreds of business owners, I know that they started their businesses for 2 reasons: impact and income; meaning they could earn money to have a lifestyle with freedom & flexibility as well as make someone’s life better.

In order to achieve that freedom & flexibility, your marketing has to bring you a consistent stream of great clients (income).  Therefore your marketing must have a PREDICTABLY PROFITABLE effect.  To have a PP effect means that they know exactly which marketing tactic(s) work best for them; they can predict their revenue; and perhaps even create revenue on-demand from their marketing.  Sounds cool – eh?

So the question becomes …. How do you build a business with Predictably Profitable Marketing?

You need what I call my Marketing Trifecta which consists of:

  1. your Entrepreneurial DNA
  2. your Keystone Initiatives
  3. your Simplified Playbook

And you need all three! Two out of three doesn’t work!

Entrepreneurial DNA is about you – how you play from your strengths; how you best show up in the world.  No one else I know teaches that marketing begins with YOU!!!  When you play from your strengths – marketing becomes easy and joyful.  And who doesn’t want that!

Keystone Initiatives are about doing the right activities at the right time.  If you’ve heard me talk about the Growmeter™  or the Business Growth Checklist, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Too often entrepreneurs are working on the WRONG activities for their stage of business growth.

Simplified Playbook is your 90-day marketing strategy or roadmap.  Notice the words simple!!!

And why do you need all 3?

Without your DNA, marketing seems difficult and typically we don’t do difficult activities!  We tend to procrastinate and avoid doing difficult tasks; so marketing isn’t the priority that it should be.

Without your Keystone Initiatives, you would be wasting a lot of time and effort on activities that won’t bring you clients because you haven’t built the right foundation.

Without your Simplified Playbook, you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall!  There’s no predictability in that!

Good marketing should be easy and uncomplicated!  It should bring you great clients consistently and almost effortlessly. 

If it’s not …. I can help!

That’s why I’m re-launching Marketing Workshop Week on November 2.

Register today – here.

Join the Facebook Group today – here

Put the dates on your calendar today!

I promise …. You’ll learn & implement more in these 5 days than you’ve probably done in most paid programs!!!



If you’ve already taken Marketing Workshop Week, don’t be shy to enroll again – there’s always new things to learn about marketing!

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