Like everything else this year, Halloween is going to be different! 

You don’t need any more TRICKS, but I thought you could do with a treat – a little gift so to speak! 🎁

Your treat ……  FREE MARKETING WORKSHOP WEEK (and there are prizes during this week too!!) 🎁

Register here –

WHY – because if you aren’t getting the sales you want – then your marketing needs tweaking!

Now I totally realize that like me, and many of my clients, you aren’t in business just for the money …. You want to help people and have an impact.

SALES is just one indication of the number of people you’re impacting!  Because you and I both know that unless someone buys a program/product or service from you, then you probably aren’t helping them transform!

So let’s start making your marketing …. Predictably profitable!

Your marketing should be both efficient and effective!  Every effort, time or investment SHOULD produce some sort of result – preferably sales.

If you’re sick and tired of not reaching your income or impact goals – then let’s tweak your marketing so you can.

I call it – marketing that works!

Join me – next week


This is the perfect workshop for you if:

  • You’re not booking enough sales conversations
  • Your phone isn’t ringing with referrals
  • You’re going to networking events and book no meetings
  • You are sick and tired of working so hard on marketing
  • You are overwhelmed when it comes to all that marketing stuff out there
  • You have pivoted your business as a result of COVID
  • You just love my work and want to see what’s new (hahaha)

You might be a health coach who has had to pivot to a virtual platform; a financial advisor who wants to drill down her niche; or a CEO who doesn’t have a marketing system and wants to see what all this is about!

Welcome one and all! 👻🎃🧙‍



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