I’m not good enough
I couldn’t possibly charge that amount for my services.
I don’t like to SELL because that means being pushy.
I don’t want to bother customers with follow up
I don’t want to be seen; I can just sit behind my computer.
I don’t deserve to make that kind of money
No one in my family ever made that kind of money.

Any of the above resonate?

Has your inner voice ever said anything similar?

Mine sure has!!!!  I call that voice my itty bitty shitty committee!  Some of you might know it better as the inner critic or it might even be the voice of your mother (or father).

Over the years, my itty bitty shitty committee has stopped me from reaching out to bigger clients; from charging what I should; from playing bigger.  Because of this, I’ve had to work consistently to shift my mindset and quieten that inner critic.

If we continue to listen to that inner voice, consciously or unconsciously, it has a way of affecting our business – and it impacts our business decisions.

One of the most common negative impacts on our business is the reluctance to be seen – I call it visibility.

What I mean by this is a reluctance to be VISIBLE; a reluctance to step into the market and show up as the expert that they truly are.

And it might show up like this.  You might be reluctant to:

  • Put your picture front and center on your website, business cards, etc.
  • Be visible at networking events
  • Do more public speaking (live or virtually)
  • Follow up after networking
  • Doing lives on social media

Being brave and courageous to show up and to step into being VISIBLE is really difficult for some business owners however it is a necessary shift that needs to happen in order to have a successful business in today’s new online economy!

People do business with those they Know-Like-Trust (KLT factor).  One of the best ways to increase the KLT factor is to be seen as the VISIBLE EXPERT in your industry!  If you aren’t visible; you aren’t top of mind!  When you aren’t top of mind, your prospects are unlikely to purchase from you!

So here are a few suggestions, if you are feeling reluctant about being visible:

1. Acknowledge that you could be ‘hiding’ in your secret entrepreneurial laboratory and that you aren’t being as visible as you could be.

2. Tune into your true WHY – why do you want to help people?

3. Ask yourself – is your WHY strong enough to help you become more brave, more courageous?

4. Know that there are people out there looking for your expertise right now and they could use you, but they need to FIND you.

5. Seek help from someone who can help you shift your mindset.

6. Step into your brilliance by acknowledging your Entrepreneurial D.N.A. Every entrepreneur has specific DNA – a specific content style; and a specific entrepreneurial archetype.  For instance, my content style is speaking and my archetype is teaching.  When I stay in teaching & speaking mode, visibility becomes so much easier for me!  Let’s explore your Entrepreneurial DNA to make visibility easier for you!

If you don’t know your Entrepreneurial DNA, why not schedule a complimentary call and let’s see what we can do to make marketing easier for you!  Schedule your call here!


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