Earlier last year as the pandemic elevated; when the travel business shut down; when hotels closed; when retail store owners cried …… and as many speakers lost all of their business – it became grossly apparent that the worst number in business was ….. one!

When you’re dependent on ONLY one of anything in your business, you could be in trouble.

Whether it’s one source of income like speakers!

Whether it’s one key employee who quits.

Whether it’s having just one method of sales, like retailers.

And the same is true in marketing!

If you rely solely on referrals – they can disappear.

If you rely solely on social media – your social media accounts can get shut down.

If you relied solely on face-to-face networking – and it stops.

If you rely solely on ONE way to get clients – it’s not good!

None of these are a good place to be for any business!

The critical lesson is that you can’t depend on just one source or method of generating leads!

Of course, I’m NOT suggesting that you have 27 different marketing tactics and that you’re working on them all at the same time!

But what could you do really well that will bring you clients – dream clients?

For the majority of my clients, I suggest ……. Facebook Lives!!! (Of course, you knew that already, right?)  And when I say Facebook lives, I really mean lives on any social platform!

But it’s not good enough to just do Facebook Lives – you’ve got to do them effectively so that they bring you prospects!!!  I see too many FB lives being done that are … well just being done!!!

That’s why I’m inviting you to my ‘almost free’ masterclass entitled Client-Getting FB Lives!

I want you to have multiple ways to attract dream clients effectively!!!  No wasting time or energy on marketing activities that don’t work or that cost you a ton!!

Time for you to up level your game!



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  1. Masterclass is one hour(ish) a day – 2pm EST – March 15th-19th.
  2. Implementation time about 30 minutes per day.
  3. Calls will be on Zoom and recorded.
  4. Anyone can do this!!! Especially if you have support & feedback.
  5. Bring your friends along and you can act as accountability buddies after the masterclass!

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