Have you ever sat in front of your computer, staring at the blank screen, wondering what to write… (please tell me that I’m not alone).

If you are anything like I was a few years ago, my inner self said things like…

I just don’t know what to talk (write) about… OR

I’ve said all of that before … OR

They don’t need to hear THAT again… OR

I’m afraid of being pushy or salesy… OR

I’m creating content but it’s not working!

I totally get it! Creating consistent, purposeful content for your readers often seems like a CHORE!  

But what if you had a simple way to generate ENDLESS content easily?

Today I want to share a simple system that I learned from watching a TEDx talk! 

I’ll be honest – I’ve always been jealous of people who had great stories that they could incorporate into their content, whether it’s blogs, speeches, or social media.  I’ve seen how stories of simple everyday events can make our content come alive and memorable.

I’ll remember a mentor of mine suggesting that I start a Word document to capture all the stories I could use in my presentations and content – NOTHING!  Crickets is what I wrote.

But last week, I was introduced to Matthew Dicks and his ‘Homework for Life’ system — I thought it was truly magical.  Watch his TED Talk here and then come back for how this could help you create purposeful content.

Perhaps you’re wondering – heck, Diana, what is ‘purposeful content’?  Purposeful content is the content we create that converts casual readers/watchers into paying clients!  It’s what builds the know-like-trust relationship.  It is purposeful because it is leading the prospect to a specific sale.

Purposeful content is the opposite of random content!  I’ll be honest, there have been weeks when I didn’t know what to write/say and I wrote about anything that came to mind!  The content was good, but it didn’t lead the prospect to a sale!!!

I know that many of you are stumped on what to create, when to create and where to show up with this content, WITHOUT content creation gobbling up a tremendous amount of time!

But what if you had SEVERAL ways to create endless streams of purposeful content that your prospects gobbled up? (I mean like 4 other ways you could choose from to generate outstanding content)?

What if purposeful content generation was easy?

What if your content consistently converted viewers/readers into clients?

What would that be worth to you?

Imagine every single week knowing exactly what to create because you had easily mapped it out – everything from your FB Lives, blog posts, and even social media posts?

Imagine every single week that content creation only took you an hour or so?

What would that feel like for you?

I know that feeling because weekly, since 2015, I’ve consistently written a blog and created my social media posts. Since 2019, I’ve added regular FB lives, and still, it only takes me about 2 hours a week – and yet, my content is consistently published on 4 social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube), as well as my website and an email newsletter.  And only about 2 hours a week.

Not bad since I regularly have prospects on my email list reach out to me and say they are finally ready to work with me!  That’s content that converts.  Believe me – if I can do it – so can you – once you have a method; a system that you can repeat, week after week!

I’d love to share my system with you (and help you create your own) during upcoming CONTENT THAT CONVERTS Bootcamp! (here)


  • finally, be able to stop staring at a blank screen because you’ll have a method/system to create endless content so you can stay top of mind to your dream client.
  • increase & strengthen your CTAs so that you actually sell more instead of feeling pushy and salesy.
  • be able to plan and post the 5 different types of content consistently.
  • discover the top 3 reasons why your content might not be converting into consistent sales.

I’d love to be able to show you how to create consistent, purposeful content that converts.



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