To ‘get clients online’ is the holy grail of most small business owners these days.

Everybody wants it, but few are able to do it effectively (and even fewer can do it whip-smart and with style!).

Adding to the mystery, the online world seems to change more often than new cat videos are uploaded (that’s A LOT)!

What worked for getting clients online just a few months ago may no longer be effective.

It can be difficult for business owners to keep up with the changes in the midst of running their businesses, but I’m coming to the rescue!

Check out these 5 tried-and-true strategies to find your dream clients, online!


1) Have a clear offer and a consistent message and put it everywhere!

It’s difficult for people to see your charisma or feel your enthusiasm online. That makes it essential that you have a crystal-clear message about the transformation that you deliver. When we talk about transformation – what we mean is – how do you make your prospects’ lives or businesses better?

You should include this message:

  • On your website
  • In the signature at the bottom of your emails
  • When you post online (more about that later!)
  • On your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages

Success Tip: As business owners, we often find it difficult to articulate what we do in just a few words! You can start by using my Predictably Profitable Pitch Blueprint which you can download here.


2) Ask for referrals via email.

Asking for referrals scares most people because it feels like begging, right? Hear this – THAT’S NOT TRUE! You have valuable gifts to share. Think of it as providing a valuable service, because it is.

Here’s an example of how you could ask for referrals from friends, colleagues, and acquaintances:

“Hi, ____.
(Start with something personal – the last time you saw them, etc.)
I’m really excited to share with you that my business helping (target market) achieve (benefit) is making a difference in people’s lives!
I’ve created a new gift called (name of free article, ebook, free session, etc.) that is helping people who struggle with (main problem you help solve).
Who do you know who might benefit from this? Could you introduce us via email?
Thanks in advance for helping me to help more people.”

Success Tip: Include a line in your email that indicates that you’ll check back, like “I know you’re busy, so if I don’t hear back from you, I’ll check back in a couple of days”. This way, if you don’t hear from them, you can check back and you’re not ‘bugging’ them. You’re doing it out of service, because you know that they’re busy.


3) Start a Facebook group. 

If you have a particular expertise, why not start a Facebook group around it? You can attract your dream clients and show them your expertise.

Whether you get clients directly from the group or eventually run advertising to the group, you’ll have a group of eager, interested people that you can interact with 24/7.

Success Tip: Praising the posts and suggestions of others will make people feel welcome, and they will post more. You’ll build an engaged group! Please note that this is a time investment, because you should monitor and encourage connection between your group members.

Are you part of my FB Group for super smart marketers? Join here –


4) Strategically connect on LinkedIn.

Your dream clients may or may not be on LinkedIn, but it’s a great connection platform. One of the ways to reach out on LinkedIn is to look for people who could be referral partners.

Who knows and does business with your dream clients, but isn’t your direct competitor? For example, if you are a skin care expert, find image consultants on LinkedIn. You may be able to form a referral partnership.

Reach out and suggest a ‘virtual coffee’, a 15 or 30-minute call or Zoom  meeting, to discuss how you can support each other.

Try this great opening script for suggesting a virtual coffee:

“Thank you for taking the time to connect with me! What I’d love to do is to have you share who your ideal client is, what your biggest business goal is in the upcoming year, and what you believe would be helpful to achieve that goal. That way I can see if there is anyone I can refer to you, or any other way that I can support you in your goals. Then I’ll share the same with you and see if you know anyone that I can support. Does that work for you?”

Success Tip: Here’s the thing – make sure that you are offering just as much – or more – than you are asking for. You don’t want to be seen as a mooch. Instead, offer ways that you can help each other, focusing on shared connections and business goals.


5) Do Facebook LIVEs.

Facebook LIVE is hot right now! It’s easy to do, since it just takes an iPhone (although a small tripod that costs about $30 helps!).

Here are some advantages of Facebook LIVEs:

  • Your audience sees you – and your enthusiasm – on video, so they connect with you better.
  • You get practice being articulate on video.
  • Facebook loves Facebook LIVE and tends to show your video to more people which means more eyeballs on you & your content!
  • The video is automatically saved for future viewers.

Success Tip: Be Brave – don’t let the fear of being visible, being perfect or having people judge you get in the way of helping and serving your dream clients. You were meant to make an impact!!!

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