There is a secret … to getting ready for more clients and more sales.

There is a secret to getting prospects to say, “I want to buy from you”.

And that secret has nothing to do with them!

And that secret is both good news and bad news!

The secret is being more visible.

The secret is to show up authentically and consistently online so that new people (your prospects) can find you and say – I want to buy from you!

But the problem is that:

  • You don’t know what to say (we’ve got that covered)
  • You avoid showing up consistently because you don’t love being in front of the camera (we can help with that too)
  • You’re scared of what will happen if you are more visible … hello criticism, rejection, people might find out ______.


Here’s the bad news – It’s going to be a while (if ever) until we can get together in groups and back to our old ways of in-person networking, etc.

So, for better or worse, that means that we all have to learn to be visible online no matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned business owner.

Here’s the good news – I’ve helped hundreds of clients move from fear to JOYFUL visibility at all levels!

And you can too!

It’s not too late to join me and several other smart business owners for my 5-day masterclass Client-Getting Facebook Lives! Learn how to be visible; be authentic; and be consistent! It’s up to you!

It’s Tuesday… and yes we started yesterday but you can still benefit from the next 4 days by registering here ….

YOU CAN DO THIS – be more visible!



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