Sometimes, we make our life more complicated than it needs to be.  In the case of women business owners, we often unknowingly make our business more complicated than it needs to be.

Over the years, I’ve noticed a couple of ways how we do this:

1.  Most women entrepreneurs I know want to serve – to help others! It’s just part of our DNA.  We see someone with a problem, and we want to help them fix it.  Perhaps it’s the ‘nurturing/mothering’ instinct.  So, what happens is that we build our businesses that way – wanting to help everyone.

2.  As entrepreneurs we are a creative bunch! Most of us love creating.  We create new programs when the ones we have aren’t selling liked we hope.  We create new speeches; we custom create programs; we are creative on multiple platforms.  We pour our creativity into our business.

The result is that we make our business so much more complicated than it needs to be!

  • We think we can help everyone, so we try to please everyone.
  • We think we can solve all the problems instead of becoming an expert at solving ONE problem.
  • We create too many offers (to solve all those problems).
  • We try too hard to get everyone to like us, so we don’t take a stand.
  • We spend way too much time on too many platforms to gain visibility.

How do I know?  Because I’ve done all those things and am continually helping other women business owners simplify their business so they can earn more and work less.

Here are 5 powerful ways to simplify your business.

1.   Hyper-Niche Down: It’s okay – give yourself permission to let go of the feeling that you have to help everyone and focus on being the expert who serves a very small, well-paying niche market!

2.  Solve One Problem:  Becoming the expert in ONE area of business is how you’ll become the sought-after-expert; the ONE; the Authority – it’s how you will build a solid reputation.

3.  Become Known for ONE Core Offer:  When you create a core offer (a signature program, a flagship program, product or service) you build an authority reputation for that core offer.  By the way, it doesn’t mean you can’t offer other programs, products, or services but it means that you focus the majority of your time and earn the majority of your profit from that one thing.

4.  Focus on ONE Lead Generation Source:  Because there are so many ways to generate leads (speaking, networking, social media, strategic alliances, advertising), business owners often dilute their expertise across too many marketing tactics and don’t focus enough time becoming an expert in that one main type of lead generation.

5.  Focus on ONE Social Media Platform: There are too many platforms to become an expert at all of them, especially with algorithms changing frequently.  Which one of the platforms works best for your dream client and which one works best for you?  Become an expert on that platform.

So, there they are … 5 powerful ways to simplify your business.

These will save you time and earn you more profit!

But if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to know more about each one of these… right?

Stay tuned as each week, for the next 5 weeks, I’ll be diving deeper into each of these ways to simplify your business. 

I’ll be sharing how you can FOCUS and find the freedom you deserve.


P.S. I call these the Focus 5!

P.P.S.  Be sure to join me in Facebook Group Think Like a CEO (here), as I talk more about examples of how these have worked for my clients and other experts!  Why would I share these?  Because it makes it real!

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