It’s become widely accepted that business owners MUST  be on social media if they want to ‘get clients’.


You do NOT need to be using social media to get clients!

Now before I go further, I want to be honest that in the past, I drank the Kool-Aid!  I believed that being on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram was absolutely necessary if I wanted to get more clients.  So I did what lots of others have done:

  • I created a Facebook business page and posted often
  • I created a Facebook personal profile and posted often
  • I created not one, but 2 Facebook groups and posted daily
  • I worked on my LinkedIn profile and posted often
  • I had my VA set up my Twitter and Instagram

But more recently I’ve changed my thinking and I want to let you know WHY!

Let’s continue the honest conversation.

Here’s the thing about your business…You get to choose.  You get to choose HOW you want to build your business and whether you truly want to use social media to magnetize clients. You may decide that you want to have some presence for credibility or so that people can actually figure out that you’re a real person or you may decide to go all-in on social media OR you may decide to give it up altogether.

However — here are some of the reasons why I believe you don’t need to be all over social media to grow your business and magnetize your perfect-fit clients:

1.  Social media platforms come and go, and in the last couple of years so have the algorithms!!! It’s been increasingly difficult to gain visibility on social media, especially if you don’t want to sink tons of $$$ into paid ads.

Instead, why not leverage a marketing platform that showcases your true gifts?  You might want to listen to this week’s Grow Equation Podcast, episode 24, where Amy Hager and I talk about how to attract your dream clients using your Content Personality.  I highly recommend you take the quiz and then FOCUS on your true content personality. (I’ve done it and I get my clients to do it).

2.  In the days before social media, there were plenty of marketing strategies both online and offline that businesses used. And truthfully, many of those ‘old-fashioned’ strategies still work quite well today including networking, speaking, strategic alliances and referrals.  My clients have proven this over and over again!  Here’s a free download – 100+ Ways To Get Known & Market Your Business without social media.

3.  If you want to simplify your business (and grow it), then I believe it’s time to truly evaluate the results you’re getting from your marketing. (You’ve heard me talk about marketing proficiency – how effective and efficient your marketing is).  So if you want to ditch the hustle and overwhelm, you might consider ditching at least some of social media.  Do you want to simplify your business?

4.  There has been far too big a push to use social media where people have focused too much on likes, comments and followers – rather than building real relationships with prospects. How will you build real relationships?

5.  You can google these stats on the ROI (return on investment) of social media versus email! Ready… Social media provides a 24% ROI… meaning that for every dollar of money or time investment, it will pay a 24% return.  But here’s the kicker, email gives you a whopping 4200% ROI.  I know which one I’ll be focusing on for my business!!!  You?

Let me share some client examples:

My client, a grief coach, intends to be a podcast guest to leverage her expertise, a unique approach to helping children navigate grief.  We will search out parenting podcasts for her and her message. Her presence on social media will be minimal.

Another client, a lawyer, has used speaking and strategic alliances to completely turn her business around and go from losses year after year to over $400K profit this coming year.  She has almost no presence on social media – has it hurt her business? No!

Two other clients are hosting their own podcasts specifically to build their audience and list of prospects.

Myself, speaking still brings me the best return on investment!

Take some time and truly analyze WHERE your prospects are coming from, you might be surprised.
Ask yourself, which marketing strategy is magnetizing them?
What can you double down on; what could you let go of?

Remember – it’s about doing less, better!

If you’d like some help with this, then let’s chat!!!


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