It’s now June!!!  And I’m sure you know what that means … we are more than halfway through the year.

It’s the time of year when CEOs set aside their busy schedules and really examine their business numbers.  They review their metrics and make adjustments to the strategies they’ve been using to reach their desired profit levels.

It’s often the time when frazzled, overwhelmed business owners become ostriches, burying their heads in the sand, avoiding their business metrics and saying things like:

  • I’ll get organized later
  • I’ll just work harder
  • I’ll look at those numbers later
  • I don’t have time to plan.

How do I know?

Because that was me!!!

I hated to look at my business numbers.

It wasn’t because I didn’t understand them (I have taken university-level accounting courses so I truly know the difference between profit and cash flow).

It was because I was ashamed that I had not met my goals AGAIN!

I know because I’ve seen too many business owners ignore their metrics!

I’m on a mission to change that… to ensure that as a business owner, you:

✓  understand your numbers,
✓  you know where to find them,
✓  regularly review those numbers,
✓  know which numbers are important to your business AND
✓  make adjustments to your business strategy based on numbers and your goals.


As the CEO of your business, you have a role to fill (and a responsibility).  Whether that’s just to yourself or to yourself, your business and your employees.

Your role is the LEADER.  To lead the company.

If you aren’t concerned about profits, metrics, and results – then why should your business or your employees be?


Do you spend at least 20 minutes a week reviewing your metrics?

✓  Was that networking event you attended ‘worth’ it? What results can be attributed to it?

✓  Did that speaking opportunity result in $$$ booked or does it need tweaking and improving?

✓  Does all that time (or $$$) you spend on social media bring you clients or is it a waste of time?

✓  Are your sales conversations actually converting into clients OR do you have to tweak your sales process?

✓  Is your Compelling Offer so irresistible that you’re closing sales weekly?


Are you regularly scheduling time in your agenda monthly, quarterly and yearly to create a plan for your goals and a strategy to achieve them?     

✓  Do you spend a minimum of 2 hours quarterly reviewing your metrics and tweaking the strategy that you’re using to achieve your goals?

✓  Are you being held accountable for your goals?


Do you have the data to help you make data-driven decisions? i.e. know exactly what to double down on or what to let go of in your business to make more profit?


Are you getting your pressing business questions answered so that you aren’t stuck on a hamster wheel of self-doubt?


What would it be worth to you to change the way you do business and have a YES to all of those questions?

That’s what a group of CEOs have been doing this year during the beta

launch of a program I’ve originally called GROW Accelerator Network (GAN).

They’ve invested in themselves.

They get their questions answered monthly.

They get focused on the numbers that are important to them.

They celebrate their wins.

They know what to double down on and what to let go of because the RESULTS – the numbers – tell them what’s working and what’s not.

This could be you.  July 7th is your opportunity to join this group of CEOs who are planning for profit.

On July 7th, we come together for a full day – LIVE in person – to create or re-adjust profit plans!

It’s your opportunity to Ramp up your Profits for another year.

Think this could be for you????

Let’s chat.  Book a call here.


P.S.  The link for the details of GAN is here.

P.P.S.  One member of GAN has completely shifted her business focus to the most profitable element of her business and was recently offered a new client from a competitor!

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