Last week, I wanted to go out to dinner with our neighbours.  We wanted a really good meal – you know, not a ho-hum chain restaurant meal but an awesome experience.

So what did I do….. I went to Google.

Google gave us several choices for restaurants with 4-5 stars in the city we chose.  Not bad!

But how to choose the BEST choice is always a dilemma.

It’s the same for your business, right?

How does your customer/prospect know that you are the BEST choice?

Let’s face it… if you aren’t showing your prospects that you are their BEST choice, then you’re losing out on profit and wasting time on lots of marketing activities!

Your prospects are making their perception about YOU (and your programs, products, and services) from a variety of sources!  And very often it’s online – including GOOGLE, your website, your social media presence.

With regards to my restaurant choice, because we didn’t have any referrals from other friends, we went online to look at the menus and the comments about service (those were the things that were important to us!).

It worked!!!  We had fabulous food AND awesome service.  This just goes to show that when you know what you want, the online perception can be great.

So, when your prospect knows what they want …


What’s your online presence telling them?

How are they getting that all important first impression?

How do they know that you are the BEST choice?

Do you look and sound like every other business in your industry?

  • How do you stand out?
  • Why should they choose you?
  • Are you articulating why they should chose you?

Is your messaging (content) consistently providing outstanding value or is it the same old sh*t that every other person in your industry puts out?

  • As a senior, and a business owner, do I really need to hear about real estate trends in a generic newsletter?
  • As a senior and a business owner, do I really need to hear about market fluctuations?

NO – I need to know what it means specifically for me! (It’s the same for your prospect – it’s all about them!)

Do you have a social media presence that makes you stand out?  (Do you have any social media presence??)

  • Do your posts get engagement?
  • Do people reach out to you to purchase your services from your social media?

Your presence, whether it’s online or live, creates a perception in your prospect’s mind and believe it or not, most of it is subconscious!!!

If you don’t show up, stand out and position your presence as being different – then you’re just another one of the choices for your prospect and you’re wasting a ton of time, money and energy in areas that aren’t providing you with an ROI.


Revenue follows reputation!

To become the BEST choice for your prospects, you must stop wasting time and money on the wrong things like:

  • Social media that doesn’t get you any return on investment (i.e. Doesn‘t bring you clients).
  • Content that is boring and vanilla and doesn’t differentiate you.
  • Overcomplicating your business and confusing your prospects so they just don’t purchase (a confused mind doesn’t buy).
  • Offers that aren’t profitable
  • Researching, searching or learning information that really isn’t going to move your business forward today.
  • Indecisiveness and self-doubt causing missed opportunities!

Because all of that only leads to you leaving money on the table AND becoming overwhelmed and frazzled.

It’s NOT the way to #worklessearnmore.

In the upcoming weeks, we are going to dive deeper into hidden profit and time saboteurs that are keeping you from not just being the BEST choice but also keeping you from working less and earning more!

Watch for the registration page for this ‘almost free’ workshop on September 20, 21, 22!


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