Why should your prospects choose you over your competition?

Why should they do business with you?
What do you do?
What makes you different?

It’s really all the same question.

How easily & effectively can you answer that question….?

Actually, it’s probably the most important question you need to be able to answer.

Do they choose you based on:

  • Price?
  • Results?
  • Is it that you are top of mind?
  • Is it that you’ve proven you’re different?

There are a lot of questions that subconsciously your prospect is asking themselves.

So why is this important…

The answer to that question is so important because your messaging, your marketing and your branding must tell them WHY they should choose you – it should inspire them to choose you!

The message that your brand, your marketing, you put out there is what is going to drive everything … Ultimately, it’s going to drive sales and the profitability of your business.

When your messaging resonates with your dream client –

  • your marketing is easier and more proficient
  • your sales are easier and conversions faster
  • customers come to you expecting to pay higher fees
  • content creation is easy
  • you get not just more referrals but better referrals.

Last week, I listened to a messaging expert explain that messaging was the ‘heart’ of a sustainable business ecosystem!  It’s true.  When a business is struggling to get clients or the right kinds of clients, it’s always time to go back and review the ‘message’ that they are putting out there!

Here are some symptoms of what might happen in your business when your messaging isn’t working well….

  • Sales have flattened and no matter what you do, they don’t increase
  • Difficulty closing sales at the prices you truly desire
  • Current clients don’t make you happy; they are a pain in the neck
  • Scared of having one giant company as your main income source
  • Working long hard hours with no increase in your bottom line

A clear, concise, results-based message is the key to everything in your business.

It just so happens to be my zone of genius! 

I help service-based entrepreneurs grow their business, their profit and their joy!!!

Watch for…

Tomorrow’s email – 5 things that don’t differentiate your business
This week’s podcast – Interview with Carl Richards

You can do this

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