When my husband retired last January, I knew it was time to change some things in my business so we could spend more time together.  I was worried that my business would be the sole/soul focus and not our lifestyle.

Questions arose like:

  • In order to free up more time, what do I stop doing?
  • What could I let go of but still keep a 6-figure business?
  • What could I double-down on to keep earning the same or more?
  • How could I do less, better?

I was also reminded of conversations I had with several of my client earlier.  Their question was …

How could they live their best/fullest life NOW, not later?

Essentially that was my same question.

  • How could I live my fullest life now while earning 6-figures?
  • How could I have more than enough time for boating & my business?
  • How can I have ‘success’ on my terms and earn a good living?

Several of my clients were also asking themselves:

  • How could they run their legal practice with 10 employees while living aboard for the winter and have more free time for family?
  • How could they run a multi-million-dollar specialized acquisition firm while living the life they dreamed of for their retirement?
  • How could they operate a 6-figure mortgage business while working less than 20 hours a week?

If this were you, how could you make this happen?

You might start by making a list of what you dream of doing – a bucket list of sorts.

Secondly, pick a date by which you want to do these activities.

And then instead of waiting to do these in 5 or 10 years, strategize how you will do several of these on or before your pre-determined date.

In order to turn these dreams into realities, each of my clients, myself included, realized that they had to operate their business differently.

Through this process, I realized not only did I need to simplify my business but so did my clients.  We needed to SIMPIFY in 5 different areas.

  1. I had to find my micro-niche where I could be well-paid for my services.
  2. I had to drill down to understand the ONE problem I could solve for this micro-niche.
  3. I had to develop the ONE solution that would solve that one problem.
  4. I had to focus on ONE method of lead generation.
  5. I had to master ONE platform to gain visibility.

For more on the 5 powerful ways to simplify your business, check out this podcast episode (here).

If you want to grow and expand your business, you first need to SIMPLIFY it!


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