Last week I was thinking about content for future podcast/blogs, and thought about doing a series on sales.  I knew the exact person I wanted to invite as a guest.  I reached out to this coaching colleague by email and while I waited for an answer, I checked out her social media only to find out that she had disappeared from Facebook for a year… no about 2.5 years!

Can you imagine?

(Actually, it’s a trend that I’ve been seeing recently.)

We finally connected over zoom and she shared her story of how her business profits have soared and she regained so much more free time (you’ll hear the full story in an upcoming episode).

But what she shared was the result of these three things!

Here’s the story in a nutshell.  My colleague had been front and center on social media, growing her business for over 10 years.  She was earning a good income.  But in 2019, she felt the nudge to take a 30-day break from social media.

That 30 days turned into 60, then 90 and now over two years.

But the funny thing was – HER BUSINESS GREW EXPONENTIALLY.



  1. her messaging was clear
  2. she had built a reputation for solving ONE problem (lack of sales process)
  3. she answered the opportunity to work in a more profitable niche

In the last two years, my colleague has truly stepped into #worklessearnmore.  Her business is so much more profitable and she has more free time.

She was able to do it because she SIMPLIFIED her business and how she worked.

Perhaps you’re tired of me talking about simplifying your business – but truly, it is the answer to the freedom that you originally sought when you started your business.


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