The internet is full of what seem to be ‘miracle’ stories of businesses making miracle come backs and huge successes – most seem unbelievable.

But, I’m here to tell you that they can actually happen (and some of my clients would gladly share how their business has dramatically changed through the work we have done together).

But, let’s be honest…these changes:

  • don’t happen overnight; transformation takes time,
  • take hard work and commitment; there’s no Easy Button,
  • happen only when the business owner is open to doing business differently to get different results,
  • happen when the owner is open to seeing bigger possibilities for their future and,
  • happen when the business owner is able to borrow my belief until they could believe it themselves!

If you’re a business owner, who is:

  • An expert, consultant or subject-matter expert
  • Currently earning at least $80K annually
  • Determined to GROW your business but you’re unsure of the next best steps

And you’re seeking help to build more profit and regain more time – then this invitation is for you.

Starting September 20, for 3 days, I’m offering a mini-training in which I will share the exact 3 keys that my clients have used for years to allow them to shift to massive profits (sometimes from massive losses)!  It is possible!

This workshop, Uncover Hidden Profit & Time Saboteurs, will show you how to plug the profit leaks in your business so that you can stop leaving money (and time) on the table!  And while you are probably aware of some of these saboteurs, you might not be seeing some of them because you’re just too close to your business.

I’ve been hinting about this workshop for weeks and now the sales page is finally ready (thanks to my amazing team!).

Check out the page here.


Then the information email will be sent to you about your next steps!

Oh – did I say that there would be prizes!!!

YUP – giveaways include books, swag, and perhaps some discounts on upcoming courses!!!

You earn points for the prizes by:

  • showing up live;
  • participating daily;
  • sharing your work; and
  • inviting friends.

You won’t want to miss this all-new mini-training!!


Season 2 of GROW Equation Business Podcast will be coming soon!!!
New format and new ideas!!!

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