The holidays are filled with traditions and memories (no matter which holiday you observe). Being curious in nature, I wonder where some of these holiday traditions come from – so I did some research and thought I’d share them with you in this blog.

But what do you remember most about your holidays?

I remember:

  • My dad painstakingly hanging individual pieces of tinsel.
  • Presents from my mom always included something she was knitting for us, but it was NEVER finished so it included the knitting needles in the package!
  • My grandmother ironing the Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon.
  • The jokes told in French between my father & his brother so the children (English-speaking) couldn’t understand the sexual innuendos.

But don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always all smiles and laughter – but I don’t tend to dwell on those! Most of all I remember family gatherings and all the great food. These are the things we tend to re-create in our own homes!

In our home, a few of our traditions are:

  • Now our grown kids come home for several days.
  • Lobster chowder on Christmas eve.
  • When my kids were young, on Christmas eve they received new pajamas left on their bed by Rudolph (so that they had new PJs for pictures on Christmas morning).
  • These days we all wear our red/black plaid shirts for a photo; each year there’s a variation with funny reindeer ears or hats.
  • Champagne Christmas morning (what else).
  • Everyone opens presents one at a time (patience is a virtue).
  • Christmas dinner is traditionally turkey, carrots & turnips, mashed potatoes, stuffing, homemade cranberry relish, and an assortment of sweets for dessert!

I’d love to hear about your family traditions (leave me a voice message here)

Many of the holiday traditions we know today had very different beginnings:

Christmas Trees didn’t become popular until Britain’s Queen Victoria and her German-born husband, Prince Albert, were seen in a magazine sitting by a decorated tree in their home.

Gingerbread Men (cookies) popularity is credited to Queen Elizabeth I of England who supposedly had gingerbread figures made in the likenesses of special guests in attendance at her elaborate dinner parties.

Tinsel started out as strips of real silver that reflected candlelight and showed a household’s wealth.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, written by copywriter Robert L. May, first appeared in 1939 as a marketing piece for Montgomery Ward as a coloring book.

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday and much success in 2023!


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