As I sit here Sunday morning in front of the fireplace, it’s snowing outside!  I’m cozy and warm with my coffee and I’m wondering about the future of YOUR business.

Last week, while attending a conference, I was in a breakout room where our question for discussion was:


What type of support did we need in order to achieve our business vision?


To me that was 2 questions:

  1. What was our vision?
  2. What support did we need to achieve that vision?

But the sad part was – NOT ONE OF THOSE BUSINESS LEADERS had a written vision for their business (except me).

So how would they know what support they needed?

They couldn’t possibly because unfortunately they didn’t have a clear picture of where their business was heading.

There are huge benefits to thinking long term in our businesses including allowing us as the owner to:

  • save money during good times and spend during slower times
  • scale up or down easily if and when the need arises
  • push through uncertainty because we are clear on our business purpose or WHY we started our business
  • get the right support (team, mentors, funding, etc) to achieve our goals

Thinking long term means:

1.  Having a clear purpose and mission for your business to inspire you as the Visionary Leader and founder to stay motivated and to inspire our team that they are part of a bigger purpose.

2.  Being clear on what you are building; in other words, have a clearly written 3-5 year vision (big picture) for your business. When you can focus on the longer term, it gives you a clear path and assurance of what is important to your business.

3.  Once you have your Big Picture Vision you can create SMART goals (they are the HOW you will achieve your vision strategically).

These are the BIG reasons that I’m inviting you to January 5 & 6, Visionary GPS Workshop.  Your business needs a clear, long term vision.

Your business will thank you.
Your team will thank you.
You will thank yourself for spending this time with your business.

I promise it will be one of the best investments you’ve made in your business for 2023.

Registration is now open here.


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