It’s December – and for many business owners, that means they are doing some sort of planning for the coming year.  Perhaps you’re reviewing this past year, your goals, strategies, and actions on a strategic planning day or it’s just taking some time for yourself to look forward.

Whichever it is – good luck!

When I’m planning for the coming year, one of the big questions always seems to be – What opportunities, strategies or actions should I say Yes to, and which ones should I say No to?

Ever feel like that?

Sometimes, I feel that I take too much time to make decisions (I sit in self-doubt) and then the opportunity passes by. Other times, I find that I’m too quick to make decisions and it seems as though it’s the wrong decision.

I have some solutions for you…

I almost never quote Tony Robbins! But for today’s purpose, his quote fit the bill!  His top tips for overcoming indecisiveness were:

  1. Stop living in fear
  2. Stop over analyzing
  3. Visualize the outcome

We all know that to stop living in fear and to stop overanalyzing aren’t easy!  However, I do know that visualizing the outcome is much easier to do.

If we want ‘success’, we must be able to first define it and then visualize what it looks like for us! (I call this having your Big Picture Vision).

Shonda Rhimes wrote a great book entitled, The Year of Yes!  If you haven’t read it, I would encourage you to do so. The basic premise is that she wanted to step outside of her comfort zone (her Shondaland) and become more visible. To accomplish that, she had to say YES to more opportunities and not stay hidden.  That decision led to amazing experiences and changed her life.

So, what does that have to do with your business?

Shonda Rhimes had a vision – a future picture of the possibilities that might exist if she said YES! That ‘vision’ allowed her to easily make decisions.

A clearly written 3-5 year vision for your business can do exactly the same thing!!!

I have a one-liner vision for my business written on a big white board where I can see it daily. Each time I have a business decision to make, whether it’s about hiring my next coach or taking the next speaking gig, I look at that vision statement and ask whether the decision is in alignment with my vision!

Easy peasy.

Then each quarter, I take out my Big Picture Vision script and along with my goals, and my metrics, I review my vision script to see whether I’m heading in the right direction. My Big Picture Vision acts as my GPS:

  • Keeping me focused
  • Minimizing distractions (because there are lots of them)
  • Allowing me to share my vision with other leaders

For business leaders who have team members, a Big Picture Vision is essential for getting team members all ‘rowing in the same direction’!

For many teams, a Big Picture Vision is not only inspiring but makes them feel that they are part of a bigger purpose which is so important not only for employee retention but developing a culture where teams want to come to work!!

Yes, or No?

You’ve got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, cause you might not get there.  (Yogi Berra)

I want to help you get to where you want to go!!  I want to help make your life easier.

That’s why I’m inviting you to attend……. Visionary GPS

This 2-day workshop is happening on January 5 & 6! And is a perfect fit for you if you’re a business owner who:

  • wants to go from 5 figures to 6 figures – or from 6 to 7 figures
  • wants to impact the world in a big way with your soul purpose
  • wants to work less and earn more
  • wants to build your authority and credibility in alignment with your values!

Together, we will:

  • Discover and prioritize your top lifestyle values
  • Craft your 3-5 year Big Picture Vision for your business based on those values so you can experience more Joy, more Profit, and more Freedom
  • Identify your zone of genius so you know exactly what YOU should spend most of your time doing
  • Then craft goals in alignment with your values and your zone of genius
  • Then design a strategy to achieve those goals

This isn’t a cookie-cutter workshop!!! It’s about YOU & YOUR COMPANY!

Join me by registering here – so you can achieve your BEST YEAR EVER!

This is the starting point to become a true VISIONARY leader of a well-oiled business machine that generates sustainable profits and that you can have ample time off!!


There are times when we can all feel ‘stuck’ or plateaued in our businesses whether it’s at a $50K, or $5M revenue!

When it happens, it’s our natural tendency as entrepreneurs to do more – create more courses; products; services; attend more networking events; to post more on social media. However, in this episode, I’ll share with my guest how she can refocus her business by doing less! 

Cheryl Scoffield, Kickstart Your Company, is my special guest. She has discovered that her business has stalled so we discuss how she can completely refocus her business and simplify it at the same time for more profit!

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