I hope you enjoyed some great food and gatherings with friends & family over the last couple of days!

I certainly did!!!

With a house full of 6 ½ Lidstones (my daughter is pregnant with our first grandchild) we had lots of cooks, great food, and great laughs.

So how can you add more JPF (joy, profit, free time) for yourself in the coming year?

Here are my top tips:

  1. Using a year at a glance calendar (click here), one of the first things I do is block off vacation time!!! Since we are expecting a new grandbaby, more and more of my weeks are going to be shorter!!!
  1. Create a space in your office where you can clearly see your written purpose, vision statement, and goals – this allows you to ask yourself regularly if you’re on track and not be distracted by every bright shiny object.
  1. Know what you are building – That’s having a clearly written vision that is in alignment with your joyful lifestyle values!
  1. Create goals in alignment: Once you have your vision, you’ll create your goals and milestones for how you will achieve your vision. For me this year, I’m planning on focusing on my podcast so that it will drive more sales.
  1. Get the right support: Once I know my goals – then I can reach out and get the support I need to take my business to the next level. So this year, I’ve hired not one but 2 coaches to help me achieve my goals.

These are the BIG reasons that I’m inviting you to January 5 & 6, Visionary GPS Workshop.  Your business needs a clear, long-term vision.

I promise it will be one of the best investments you’ve made in your business for 2023.

Registration is now open here.

Wishing you more joy, profit & free time in 2023!

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