For many small business owners, there has been a culture that more is better.  Just look at current social media…get more clients; attract more clients; get more leads…more, more and more.

But it’s a MYTH that more leads, more clients or more revenue mean more profit!

The truth is that more clients can often just lead to:

  • More headaches
  • More questions from staff
  • More exhaustion
  • More opportunities to make mistakes because you’re exhausted.


You can embrace… Do less, better.

It is possible to have fewer clients and earn more profit especially when you focus on clients who maximize your profit.

It is possible to have more profit without working 60, 70  or more hours a week especially when your offerings (programs/products/services) are packaged and priced for profit.

It is possible to have 30% free time in your schedule for thinking and strategizing while earning more profit especially when you stop doing so much and do less, so much better.

It is possible to increase your profits by 30% without chasing more clients!

It is possible. It just requires a new way of thinking, then a different way of doing business.

And yet still today there are some industries where ‘busyness’ and hustling are still deemed a badge of honour.

Many of my clients (and myself) prefer to build a ‘lifestyle’ business where we work 3-4 days a week, have ample, guilt-free vacations and still earn a darn good living!

You can have more joy, profit and freedom (JPF)!

In this week’s podcast episode of Work Less PROFIT More (here), I discuss this whole unrealistic premise of chasing more clients to increase revenue with my special guest Roger Knecht of Universal Accounting.  The concept of hustling for more clients has been common in the accounting industry but Roger and I discuss ways that businesses like accounting, bookkeeping, etc. can remodel their businesses so they can Do Less Better.

Don’t miss this episode and leave your comments about how you Do Less Better!


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