Did you know…if you are at Disney and your balloon pops or your kid drops their ice cream cone, or your souvenir breaks, the vendors will happily replace them?

That’s the ‘Disney’ experience.

Disney has built a brand around exceptional customer service, i.e. making everything magical!

This week, I continue to the theme of elevating your customer experience as a strategy to retain your BEST clients, reducing churn and increasing profits.

So let me ask you…are your clients getting the ‘Disney’ experience working with your small firm? Or are there things that they are tolerating from your firm?

So…where could you improve your customer experience?

Are clients left hanging on the phone for long periods of time?

Are emails being answered promptly? (Or is your inbox full of emails that need your attention)

Does your onboarding system delight them or are they waiting days for answers?

Do you even ASK your clients whether there is something that you could improve?

Have you ever used a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Do you know what an NPS is?

The truth is that for every complaint you receive, there are approximately 26 customers who are unhappy with your company, but choose to say nothing!!!

All this means that you could have some very unhappy customers that don’t return to use your services and that’s impacting your profit!!!

If you’re the owner of a small firm (accountant, lawyer, professional expert), and you want to increase your profit without adding more clients…one of the very best ways you can do this is by improving your customer experience.

In fact, I recently heard one very successful business owner mention on his podcast that Customer Satisfaction Score was the ONLY metric he monitored regularly (other than profit).

My suggestion…..

  1. Identify your BEST clients including those that will tell you the truth! (In this video, I share how to determine your BEST clients – here).
  2. Send them a survey where they can answer anonymously asking them several questions about how they would rank your company’s customer experience (here’s a resource article with some questions for you to use.)
  3. Review the results.
  4. During a team meeting, ask your employees where and how you think you could implement the ‘Disney’ experience in your business!
  5. Keep asking and keep up levelling! It will be so worth it.

BTW – This week’s podcast episode, The Pickle Effect, is an interview with a Kingston area realtor who explains the pickle effect and how she goes above and beyond to serve her clients.  She has some great examples — Who knows, I might be handing out juice boxes soon!


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