I was watching all of the posts on social media wishing everyone a long weekend (here in Canada, Monday was a holiday).

That’s when I realized…… I always have a long weekend!

And I love my business!

But it wasn’t always that way. 

For years, I worked hard – spinning my wheels, running on that hamster wheel trying hard to get more clients and believe that I was worth charging big prices.

Sound familiar?

Too often I see small firm owners that will never have any work-life balance.

They are digging themselves a hole – without even realizing it.

Here’s why: 

They’re accepting any kind of client.

And they’re providing any kind of service to that client.

And they’re doing it in whatever way the client wants.

Not only that…they are often charging suboptimal prices.

All of this creates the perfect storm.  It’s what I see so often – it’s what I did myself.

I had disorganized services that were NOT repeatable or scalable or well-priced.

When I see this with others, I know exactly what it feels like to be the bottleneck. I know they can only maintain it for a short while, but eventually, they will burn out.

ALL BECAUSE they never stopped to ask themselves what they truly wanted!

ALL BECAUSE they were too busy in the weeds, putting out daily fires, working 60-70-80+++ hours a week.

One day, I picked up my head from the daily grind.

That’s when I realized two things:

1.  I had to get SUPER clear and specific on what I wanted! I had to define success on my terms (or what freedom and flexibility meant for me). Two years ago my husband retired and suddenly my definition of success changed (Listen to podcast episode 43 here).

2.  Once I became clear and specific about what I wanted from my business, only then could I build it with intention and have the business I would love.

  • Today, my calendar has clear and specific boundaries.
  • I’m specific and clear about who I work with and how I work.
  • I’m specific and clear about how I work with clients.
  • I know that my offers are repeatable and scalable.
  • I’m confident in charging high-ticket prices for my work.

So are you happy with your business?
Does it give you the ‘lifestyle’ you want?
Does it give you the ‘freedom’, profit, etc. you want?

If you aren’t quite where you’d like to be, then I believe you’d be a perfect fit my Profit Potential Audit interviews. 

In each interview I spotlight one business owner who knows they want something more from their business but aren’t sure how to get it.

We chat before the recording.

They walk through my GROW Success Calculator and often say things like…..

“OMG…these are tough questions, but so good.”

“I never thought about my business from this perspective.”

“OMG, I can see exactly where I need to focus.”

Then we have a recorded conversation where they choose ONE area they would like to uplevel and I share with them how they might achieve that goal.

Again this week, I interview 2 very different business owners – one a solopreneur, one a leader of a small firm. Needless to say, the conversations were very different.

Listen here:

If you feel like there are some areas of your business where you might be stuck, then I have spots open in upcoming episodes for brilliant business owners to help them move the needle in their business. Simply go here and apply!

 I can’t wait to spotlight you and your business.



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